Blue Arrow

Definition: Blue Arrow

Wat is een blue arrow?

If you have ever been in a large warehouse or anywhere else where forklift trucks are driven, you have probably come across the blue arrow. If not you have probably come across the blue dot. The blue arrow works in a similar way but also shows the direction of the truck. It is a bit like an evolved version of the blue dot. For more information on the dot please see our blog called: Blue light on forklift truck, what does this blue light do?


Every day, enough accidents happen in the workplace. Everyone is busy at work and large forklift trucks can be very dangerous. When a forklift truck is parked on a corner or in an aisle, it is not visible. If it is just coming out of it, it is even more dangerous, as people can come walking up to it. A blue arrow ensures safety on the work floor. A blue arrow shines on the ground behind the forklift so that others can see that there is a forklift in the path or around the corner. The arrow also indicates the direction of the vehicle. This is particularly useful so that you can judge whether the vehicle is coming around the corner or not, as it is facing the opposite direction. This is the big advantage compared to the dot.

Blue arrow at TRALERT®

TRALERT® is known for its wide range of products LED lights and so a blue arrow LED light are not lacking in them. The high number of volts makes the blue arrow lamp suitable for internal trasport such as lift trucks and reach trucks. The LEDs give a clear and bright light pattern which makes the lamp highly visible. The lamp is guaranteed for three years. Furthermore, the lamp is ECE-R10 certified.

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