Wat is een LED stoplicht?

Everyone has to deal with them in everyday life, namely LED traffic lights. The abbreviation LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. An LED is an electronic semiconductor component built as a diode that emits light in the passage direction when current flows through it. The LED traffic light is visible in the colours red, orange and green. A LED traffic light gives a bright light pattern. Traffic lights are one of the three types of traffic signs that road authorities can use to regulate traffic on the road.

Advantages of LED traffic lights

In this article we will discuss the biggest advantages of the LED traffic light. There are several advantages, namely:

  • The service life is longer. LED lights last longer than traditional bulbs.
  • It is better for the environment. It is more recyclable and has low energy consumption.
  • It has a lower power consumption. The low power consumption is of course one of the biggest advantages of LED lighting.
  • The LED traffic lights are more resistant to shocks and vibrations. Due to the use of less vulnerable materials, the LED lights break down much less frequently.
  • It is largely recyclable. The LED lighting can largely be reused if it breaks down.

Furthermore, it has low maintenance costs. LED lighting often lasts ten years or more, depending on the circumstances.

The new technology

LED technology brings many possibilities and applications to the Dutch public sector. For example, more and more municipalities are starting to place LED strips on the ground. The LED strips on the ground that turn red or green help pedestrians to cross more safely. The LED strips are linked to the LED traffic lights and light up red or green when the traffic lights do the same. The strip is specifically intended for walking and cycling smartphone users, who always look towards the ground. However, the lines turned out to be sensitive to bad weather. Research has shown that people do not like stepping over a red line and with this installation they will have to do so anyway if they want to cross at a red light. The illuminated line on the pavement is officially called +Line.

LED stoplichten