What is a CE mark?

This is a crucial certification for products in the European Economic Area. It indicates that a product complies with EU regulations aimed at safety, health, and the environment. This marking is not a quality label but a declaration by the manufacturer that the product is safe. It is also mandatory for products falling under EU directives.

Who is responsible for affixing the CE mark?

The responsibility for correctly applying the CE marking lies with the manufacturer. The manufacturer must demonstrate that the product complies with all relevant EU directives and standards by compiling technical files and, if necessary, having the product tested by a recognized body. After these processes, the manufacturer draws up an EU Declaration of Conformity and applies the CE marking to the product. Importers and distributors are also responsible for ensuring that the products they trade carry the CE marking correctly. In our blog article on the certification mark, you can read all about it.

Control of CE marking

In the Netherlands, various authorities inspect products for which CE marking is mandatory. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, for instance, checks whether gas appliances meet the legal requirements. And the Inspectorate SZW checks, for example, equipment in explosive environments. RVO.nl provides an overview of the inspecting authorities for each product group.

Products that do not comply with CE marking requirements

Products that do not comply with the requirements of the CE marking can have consequences. These products can be considered non-compliant and unsafe, which can lead to legal actions against the manufacturer, such as fines or product recalls. Additionally, these products may be prohibited from sale within the EU. It is therefore essential for manufacturers, like TRALERT®, to ensure that their products fully meet the required standards to ensure safety and quality and to comply with the regulations.

Requirements for vehicle lighting and work lamps

To be eligible for a CE mark, products must demonstrably comply with the following regulations: