Luminous flux

DEFINITION: Luminous flux

What is a luminous flux?

The answer to the question of what exactly a luminous flux is is quite simple. A luminous flux is the total amount of light that a light source emits per second in all wavelengths of visible light. The luminous flux can be seen as the photometric equivalent of the power output. Photometric equivalent is the technique of measuring the radiation of light. The ratio of luminous flux to the power required for it is called the specific luminous flux (or luminous efficiency).

Luminous flux units

There are various terms to consider when it comes to light currents. Some terms are also sometimes mixed up. That's why we explain all the terms relating to luminous flux here. The number of lumens of your lighting tells you how much light a lamp actually emits. Lumen therefore indicates how much light a lamp emits, but not how much light you get on a particular surface. An example: when you have two LED work lights in the same place on your vehicle, the worklight with more lumens will emit more light.

The Wattage indicates how much power is required per unit of time to operate LED lights. The wattage is always specified for TRALERT® LED lights. Wattage is indicated by the letter "W". The wattage can be calculated via a formula. The formula reads as follows: the number of Volts x the number of Amps = the Wattage. In short, the wattage indicates how much energy your LED lighting consumes.

The number of Volt indicates the voltage of a connection. Volt is an abbreviation of the word voltage. In the world of lighting terms, the word Volt is expressed with the letter "V". For vehicles, LED lights are usually equipped with either a 12-volt or a 24-volt connection.

The number of Ampère indicates the amperage. In the world of lighting, the word Ampère is indicated by the letter "A". The stronger the current, the stronger the magnetic field. As a result, two parallel current wires are attracted to each other. When these two cables are connected to the same power source and they attract each other with the right force, each cable has one ampere.

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