24 Volt lamp

DEFINITION: 24 Volt lamp

What is a 24-volt bulb?

Volt or Voltage indicates the electrical voltage of a lamp. Lighting is suitable for a certain voltage. Volt is an abbreviation for the word voltage. This unit is named after the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta. Vehicles can be equipped with a 24 Volt tension. Of course, the LED lights from TRALERT® are also geared to this. In fact, most TRALERT® lights are "multivoltage" equipped, which means that lights are suitable for both a 12v equipped car and a truck. Voltage is often indicated by the letter "V". The voltage of TRALERT® LED lights is always specified with the lights.

The difference in voltage 12v and 24v

A 24 volt, LED light has several advantages over halogen. A 24 volt LED lighting has a low current and a simpler wiring. The 24-volt LED is often chosen when a lot of power has to be delivered. The 24 volt lights are often very reliable and stable. Compared to 12 Volt, 24 Volt lights have lower voltage losses over the same power cable. With 24 Volt, a larger distance can easily be bridged without a heavy transformer. If the voltage of the LED lights is too low, there is a big chance that the lights will start to blink or even that the power will fail. If the LED lights have too much voltage, heat is released. The too strong LED lighting might melt the wiring and overheat the socket and the lighting as well.

24 Volt lamp


Volt is often combined with the terms Ampere and Wattage. They all have something in common, but they are certainly not the same. Volts indicate the electrical voltage of a lamp. Ampere is simply the unit of current. The number of amps therefore indicates the strength of the current.  The stronger the current is, the stronger the magnetic field becomes. The wattage indicates how much power is needed per unit of time. The number of volts x the number of amps = the wattage. Think of a river flowing down a mountain towards the sea. The amount of water passing per second is given in Amperes. The difference in height between the sea and the mountain is the number of Volts. It is similar, related but not the same.

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