Fisheye lens

Definition: Fisheye lens

What is a Fisheye lens?

The Fisheye lens is a well-known lens in photography. Within photography, it is a special lens compared to other lenses. Photos taken with a Fish Eye are immediately striking because they are taken out of context. Everything that is close up becomes very big and everything that is further away becomes small. This is due to the large angle of view. This is also where the comparison with the lens of lighting can be made. The Fish Eye lens provides a good distribution of light. This is to create the best light pattern.

Other lenses

In addition to the Fish Eye, there are of course other lens technologies that are used in TRALERT® lighting. Each lens has its own characteristics and thus offers different possibilities. Not every lens is suitable for every situation. Another good example of a lens technique is the RFT lens technology. It distributes the light by means of various micro-mirrors. Another example is the planoconvex lens. This lens produces a tight beam which makes it good for use with a LED driving lights.

Fish-eye lens at TRALERT®

The Fish Eye can be found in a number of products within the TRALERT® product range. They can be found in four of the LED work lights. These are the lights in the optimus series from TRALERT®. This series is known for its powerful lamps with a high number of lumens. The directly positioned LEDs create a powerful beam of light. The fish-eye lens ensures good light distribution. Good distribution is very important because it provides a homogeneously lit workplace. Of course, this also has to do with the adjustment of the lighting. A uniformly lit workstation means that every place where the light shines receives the same amount of light.

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