What is a Fisheye lens?

The fisheye lens is a well-known lens in photography. Within photography, it is a distinctive lens compared to others. Photos taken with a fisheye lens immediately stand out because they are distorted. Everything close appears very large, while everything further away appears small, thanks to its wide-angle view. This distortion is due to the large field of view. This is where the comparison with the lighting lens can be made. The fisheye lens ensures a proper distribution of light to create the best light pattern.

Other lenses

In addition to the Fish Eye, there are also other lens techniques used in TRALERT® lighting. Each lens has its own characteristics, offering different possibilities. Not every lens is suitable for every situation. Another good example of a lens technique is the RFT lens technology. This technique distributes light using various micro mirrors. Another example is the planoconvex lens. This lens produces a tight beam of light, making it suitable for a LED driving light.

Fish-eye lens at TRALERT®

In some products within the TRALERT® range, you can find the Fish Eye. These are specifically featured in four of the LED work lights. These lights belong to the Optimus series from TRALERT®, known for their powerful lamps with a high number of lumens. The directly placed LEDs create a powerful beam of light. The Fish Eye lens ensures a good distribution of light. Good distribution is crucial because it results in a uniformly lit workspace. This, of course, also depends on the adjustment of the lighting. A uniformly lit workspace means that every spot where the light shines receives the same amount of light.