Diffused beam

Definition: Diffused beam

What is a diffuse beam?

You may have come across the term diffused beam before, but what does it actually mean? The term is not directly associated with terms like low beam or highbeam. These are comparable with the low beam and high beam of a car. Diffused light indicates that the light is distributed very well. When a room needs to be lit, the diffused light ensures that the entire room is provided with the same amount of light.

How does it work?

Diffused light can often be found, for example, in lamps with frosted glass. This glass is also called the opal lens. The colour of the glass is namely very similar to the colour of opal stone. The lens ensures that the light is distributed very evenly. This gives you a filtered and even light distribution. light pattern. This means that the place or space to be illuminated is illuminated equally everywhere. The disadvantage of diffused light is that it does not radiate as far as other types of lighting. It is therefore more of a wide beam than a spotlight.

Where can you find diffused beam?

Diffused beam can be used in many situations. It is therefore used in many different situations. Because the light has practically no shadow or reflection, it is often used as a reversing light, decoration or atmospheric lighting. This, of course, also depends on the type of lamp used. LED work lights are not likely to be used for decoration. The few shadows are due to the fact that the light appears to fold around objects. This type of lighting is also very popular with photographers.

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