What is Diffused Beam?

A diffused beam, or diffused light beam, refers to a lighting technique in which luminous intensity gelijkmatig wordt verspreid over een groot gebied zonder scherpe schaduwen of intense light beamsThe purpose of diffused beam lighting is to create a soft, diffuse, and even illumination that minimizes sharp contrasts and provides a comfortable environment.

Where do you find diffused beams on your vehicle?

Diffused beams are found in multiple locations in and around the vehicle to improve visibility, safety, and potentially aesthetics. Diffused beams are primarily used in the low-beam headlights, fog lights, taillights, and brake lights.


For headlights, diffused beam is often used for low beams. Diffused beam low beams evenly distribute the light across the road, providing the driver with a broader field of vision without dazzling other drivers.

fog lights

Diffused beam is also applied in fog lights. The even distribution of light helps reduce reflection from fog, rain, or snow, providing the driver with better visibility of the road and obstacles.


For reverse lights, diffused beams are used to inform other road users of the vehicle's presence at a safe distance. The even distribution of light minimizes sharp beams that could potentially blind other drivers.

brake lights

Diffused beam is also applied in brake lights to provide clear and quick signaling when a vehicle is braking. This allows following drivers enough time to react without being blinded.