What is Conventional Lighting?

Conventional lighting refers to the traditional way of lighting. This lighting technology works by heating a wire supply to create a light source. Conventional lighting is reliable and easy to install, but tends to be less energy-efficient and generate more heat than modern lighting solutions, such as LED lighting.. Conventional lighting can be seen as traditional and somewhat outdated in terms of technology.

What different types are there?

Above is what exactly conventional lighting is. But what types are there? When looking at the different types, the following three emerge: incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and halogeen. These types of lighting use wire supplies that are heated. When the three different types of lamps are scaled by consumption and luminous intensity it quickly becomes clear that the energy-saving bulb is the most economical. This is followed by the halogen lamp and lastly the incandescent lamp. However, there is only one clear winner when it comes to brightness and economy and that is the LED lighting,

Disappearance of conventional lighting

All three types of lighting (energy-saving light bulb, halogen and incandescent) seem to be gradually disappearing. This is because the European union is trying to stop the production of these lights. The European union is striving for a greener Europe, and following the union, conventional lighting is no longer a part of that. This is because the lighting is not energy-efficient enough. There is a more energy-efficient alternative, which is LED lighting. The European union therefore aims to increase the use of LED lighting. The production of incandescent and halogen lamps is already banned in the European Union. The remaining stock may still be sold but it will slim down.

LED lighting compared to conventional lighting

When looking at the comparison, it quickly becomes clear that LED lighting is much more energy-efficient than, for example, halogen lighting. An LED lamp can last up to 35 times longer than a halogen lamp. If you want to know more about the differences between LED lighting and halogen lighting, you can read this blog. Also, when looking at the lifespan of compact fluorescent lamps compared to LED lighting, it becomes evident that LED lighting lasts up to five times longer. Moreover, LED lighting is still in production, and the European Union supports its production.

Conventional lighting