What is a lamp base?

Everyone has dealt with a lamp base at some point. Another term for lamp base is also called a magnetic base. A lamp base is the bracket under the LED work light to attach it somewhere. This makes it easier to mount the lamp on a truck. Due to the use of a magnetic base, the work lights are much more flexible. The magnetic base allows the LED lighting to be easily placed anywhere on the vehicle. When the situation changes, the work lights with the lamp base are also easy to move.

Advantages of a lamp base

LED worklights with a lamp base have significant advantages compared to LED worklights without a lamp base. First of all, there is the freedom of placement. A traditional LED worklight is mounted on a tripod to the body of a vehicle by means of screws. Because of this 'fixed mounting', the worklight is difficult to move. A LED worklight with a magnet (base) has greater freedom of movement in this case. Another advantage of a rechargeable LED work light with magnet is its independence from voltage.

When purchasing LED worklights, the voltage level must be taken into account in many cases. A LED worklight that supports 12v cannot be connected to the voltage of a truck (24v). The internal components and associated resistors are not adapted to this. With a LED worklight with a magnet, you don't have to worry about this. The voltage of your vehicle is not consulted.

Range of TRALERT® products

As an interim solution, in many cases we also offer a separate magnetic base for our LED worklights. This makes it possible for a LED worklight that was originally not equipped with a magnetic base to still work with a magnetic base. In addition, our range of LED work lamps is fully equipped with the best quality lamp bases. The lamp bases of TRALERT®, for example, do not cause any damage when mounted.