What is colour temperature?

In lighting terms, people sometimes talk about cold and warm light. Many people will immediately think of the warmth of a lamp, but that is not what is meant here. Cold or warm light indicates how the lamp looks, i.e. the light pattern. The higher the Kelvin, the colder and whiter the light will appear. The lower the Kelvin, the warmer and more yellow the light will appear. Kelvin (K) is the unit that represents the colour temperature. Anything up to 3000 K is warm light (yellower) and anything above that is called cold (white) light. A candle emits a yellow colour and has a Kelvin value of 1800. An incandescent/halogen lamp emits 2700 Kelvin. A fluorescent tube has a value of 4500 - 6500 Kelvin. With clear daylight we move to the higher Kelvin range. Bright daylight has a Kelvin value of 5500 - 6000.

Colour temperature in LED lighting

LED lighting does not have an exact color temperature. This is because LED lighting is available over a wide range of color temperatures. This means you are not restricted to a particular color. A LED driving light emits powerful white light and is around 4000 to 6000 Kelvin. Interior lighting emits a cool white color and is around 4500 Kelvin.

How many Kelvin does my lamp need?

When choosing the right LED lamp, you should take into account the right colour temperature. First of all, think about the main purpose of the lighting. Is the lighting intended for inside your company car or just outside your vehicle? A warm white colour temperature will increase the atmosphere and is therefore more suitable for inside your vehicle. Are you looking for suitable LED lighting for your vehicle, but can't find it yourself? TRALERT® is ready to support you 5 days a week.