15-Pin (ISO 12098)

DEFINITION: 15-Pin (ISO 12098)

What does a 15-pin collector do?

It is impossible to imagine public roads without trucks these days. To keep the roads safe, rules have been drawn up to guarantee traffic safety. An important part of road safety is lighting on vehicles, including trucks and trailers. Trailers alone cannot provide working lights. For this, a connection to a truck is required. Such a connection can be established with a 15-pin (ISO 12098) plug. Through this plug, the truck can transmit electricity to the trailer so that the lights can be activated. The 15-pin plug is just like the 7-pin N and 7-pin S plug, specially made for the truck and trailer sector. These connectors therefore only fit on trucks and trailers and not on trailers or boat trailers.

Different ways of connecting

In order to supply a trailer with electricity, a connection must be established with the truck. This can be done in two different ways. The first way is to use the 15-pole plug. This is quite easy to use with the truck and trailer. The second way is by using two 7-pin connectors These are the 7-pin N and 7-pin S plugs. These plugs must both be connected so that all the lights can work. If only one plug is connected, not all the lighting will work.

Connection diagram for 15-pin (ISO 12098) connector

The 15-pin plug fulfills 15 different functions. Each pole has its own function and the following wiring diagram has been produced to make this clear. All the poles and their functions are described here.

Wiring diagram for 15-pole connector (ISO 12098)
  1. Indicator left side
  2. Indicator right side
  3. Fog rear light
  4. Mass
  5. Rear, contour, width and license plate light left
  6. Rear, contour, width and license plate light right
  7. Brake lights
  8. Reversing light
  9. Constant power supply (+24V)
  10. Sensor for brake lining wear
  11. Indication of spring-loaded brake
  12. Aslift function
  13. Mass for data cables
  14. CAN H
  15. CAN L

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