What is blue line?

If you work with forklifts, you have likely come across them before—the blue line technology. The blue line technology that projects lines on the ground. These are commonly referred to as 'safety lights' because they are intended to enhance the safety of the forklift's surroundings. To create a safe environment in your warehouse, it is advisable to equip your forklifts with blue line technology. The blue line helps where audible alarms fall short. A prominently visible blue line projects a bright blue line on the floor, alerting others to maintain a safe distance from the forklift. There is an option to mount the safety lights on the front or rear of the forklift. The blue line is specially designed for indoor environments and provides a clear light pattern.

Installing the safety lamp

It is useful to mount the safety light in a high, strategic place. In many cases, the roof of the forklift truck seems to be a good place with sufficient mounting and connection possibilities. When mounting the safety light, make sure you adjust the blue line correctly. The warning effect works best when the blue line reaches the ground clearly and does not fade. It is important to check when connecting the safety light that it has the correct margin. We recommend an optimal projection surface of 2.5 metres for the safety lights.

The function of the blue line

The function of the blue line of the forklift safety light is to mark out the movement/direction of the forklift. In the warehouse, where it can often be noisy, warning sounds can drown out the background noise. Therefore a warning in the form of an LED light can be more pleasant and safer in some cases.

Questions on the safety lamps

If you have any questions about the safety lamps, we will be happy to advise you. TRALERT® is always ready to help you in the best possible way.

Blauwe lampen op heftruck