Light Pattern

Definition: light pattern

What does light pattern mean?

The answer to the question of what exactly a light pattern is, is quite simple. A light pattern is in fact the light that is seen when the lights are switched on. The view that a lamp gives you is the lamp's light pattern. Various terms are available to indicate this. Think for example of bright. This indicates that the light emitted by a lamp is bright white in colour.

What affects the light pattern?

So it is a broad concept, but what does it all affect? Many different aspects can influence the light image of a certain lamp. Firstly, the type of lighting, of course. There is a difference when, for example LED lights is compared to another type of lighting such as halogen. In addition, the type of lens also influences the light pattern. An RFT Lens gives a slightly different light compared with, for example, a Fish-eye lens. The most obvious difference, of course, is when comparing low beam and highbeam. Lowbeam has a much narrower light compared to highbeam.

Read the graph

It is, of course, not possible to see how much light a lamp emits without having the lamp in the house. That is why there are different terms, for example lumens, which help to estimate what the light from a lamp looks like. The light pattern can also be read from a graph. The graph shows the angle of the lamp in degrees and the number of metres the light radiates. The graph then shows how far and how wide a lamp radiates. lux, which is on the right indicates how much light is directed to the desired location. The whole graph looks like this:

light pattern

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