What are Dayline headlights?

ayline headlights are currently indispensable in new cars. Modern lighting usually consists of a row of 5 to 10 small LEDs. These can be arranged in a straight line or in a circle. As the name suggests, LED lighting is ideal to have on during the day. Another term for Dayline headlights is daytime running lights. If your vehicle is not equipped with standard daytime running lights, you can also purchase them separately. LED lighting provides super bright white light, giving your vehicle not only a solid appearance but also improving visibility on the road. LED lighting turns on immediately after starting the engine, providing a clear light pattern. When you switch to normal lighting, the daytime running lights automatically turn off.

Regulation of the dayline headlights

There are still many uncertainties surrounding the regulations on daytime running lights. Research has shown that many people think that daytime running lights are prohibited. However, the opposite is true. The lighting is compulsory for cars produced from February 2011. The same rules apply to trucks. The regulations for trucks will come into force from August 2012. Because LED lighting will increase the visibility for road users and fellow road users, this law will further reduce the number of traffic accidents.

How to install dayline headlights yourself

For those driving a vehicle without built-in daytime running lights, there is an opportunity to install daytime running lights yourself. At TRALERT®, various types of daytime running lights are available in the assortment.

Advantages of the dayline headlights

One of the biggest advantages of dayline headlights is that the number of traffic accidents decreases. This is partly due to the fact that visibility for road users and fellow road users is increased. If you use daytime running lights, the use of dipped headlights will decrease. This means that your dipped beams will last longer. Daytime running lights consume a lot less power than normal lights.

Dayline headlights