Aluminium ADC12

Definition: Aluminium ADC12

What does aluminium ADC12 mean?

Aluminium ADC12, also known as A383, is an aluminium alloy. Its composition from different materials brings about different properties. The material is often used in injection moulding. The material has various advantages. Aluminium ADC12 conducts electricity well and shrinks less. The material has a low density but high resistance. The material holds up well at both high and low temperatures. Aluminium ADC12 also has a good resistance to corrosion.

What is Aluminium?

The name aluminium comes from the Latin word alumen, which means alum. It is a metal that was discovered in the nineteenth century. At that time it was still very expensive. That is why it was not used as much as it once was. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine society without it. You come across aluminium very often nowadays. This is because it can be used for many different purposes. The same goes for aluminium ADC12. You come across it a lot because it has many advantages. Aluminium is light, very resistant to corrosion and conducts electricity very well.

What is an alloy?

Aluminium ADC12 is therefore an alloy, but what does that mean exactly? An alloy is a mixture of different materials that together form one solid material. This is done to add different properties to different materials for better use. Think of the strengthening of a metal. You may not realise it, but most metals that we use in daily life are alloys. Steel, for example, is a mixture of iron and carbon. One material adds important properties to the other. There are many different types of alloys. One example is the nylon alloy.

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