Nylon alloy

Definition: Nylon alloy

What is nylon alloy?

The answer to the question of what exactly nylon alloy is is not so simple. That is why the question is split into the two different terms. Nylon and alloy.

What is nylon?

The first thing to look at is what nylon is exactly. Nylon is a textile fibre made of polyamides. These two names are often used interchangeably in textiles, so it is the same thing. There are many applications possible with nylon, but originally it was used as a replacement for silk. Silk is very vulnerable and expensive. Nylon, on the other hand, is very light but also very strong and cannot wrinkle. The material is, for instance, used for jackets but also for toothbrushes or velcro. When you braid the material, it can also be used as a tow rope or a rope in climbing. This proves that the material is very strong.

what is alloy?

Now that we know what nylon is and what it is used for, we can look at the term alloy. An alloy is an artificially prepared mixture of a metal to which one or more elements are added. Or simply put, a metal mixed with another material to form a new material. Almost all metals in the world are alloys. One example is steel, which is a mixture of iron and carbon. Another example is bronze, which consists of copper and tin. The reason for mixing materials with each other is to create certain properties. The combined materials can make the end material stronger or more resistant to external substances. An alloy can consist of many different materials and can therefore be used for many different purposes. At TRALERT® for example it is used as the basis of the EQR65ABM LED beacon.

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