E-mark, an essential component for your lighting. Why? Because this lighting officially complies with the type approval established by EU legislation. What if you have lights without this E approval mark? Then this could be grounds for prosecution in the event of an accident. Dazzling by non-certified lights can in fact be seen as a serious offence. This is why lighting without an E approval must be disconnected or removed during the APK inspection.

E label is a mark that shows that your vehicle or product complies with EC directives

EC directives are the legislation of the European Union. There are of course different directives for different vehicles. For example, it is not necessary to have side markings on a bicycle. On a truck, however, it is of course compulsory. When making products such as lighting for public roads, these have to go through a type approval process before being approved. You can find this process and the deposited framework guidelines on the RDW website. The strength of the Europe-wide regulations is a piece of safety for free trade. Cars, lorries and motorbikes travel effortlessly on European roads. Different requirements for lighting could possibly impede this flow. Also, components can be traded more easily in different European markets. kaderrichtlijnen find on the RDW website. The strength of drawing up regulations across Europe is a significant safety factor for free trade. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles effortlessly navigate the European roads. Various lighting requirements could potentially hinder this smooth flow. Moreover, components can be traded more easily in different European markets.


Did you know that for every European country there is a different number behind the E-mark? You probably have not looked at this before, but it is nice to know. You can see from this where the product is certified. See below for the different known numbers.

Is it E-label or E-mark?

Nice question, because these are two different logos. The version with the lower case 'e' is a rectangular logo that contains the number of the country. The 'round capital E' logo consists of the letter E combined with the number of the country assembly/manufacturing.

The placement of this seal

The E approval can be found on many vehicle components. Some examples of products that must bear this mark are: automotive lamps, glass, tyres, triangular warning signs, warning signals, light bars, flashing lights, LED lights, sirens, vehicle (contour) marking and side striping. As previously written, this certification for lighting is essential to prevent glare.