LED Driver

Definition: LED Driver

What is a LED driver?

A LED driver provides a precise and constant current to the lighting. Incandescent and halogen lamps use a constant voltage on the power network, which is different from LED lighting. LED lights requires a constant current instead of a constant voltage. LED lighting therefore uses a current source. This current source, the LED driver, provides a constant current and a precise voltage range for the LED lighting. Another name for a driver is a transformer. It is possible that a transformer is incorporated in a LED lamp. If you want to connect several LED lights to one transformer, you should take into account the number of wattage that the transformer can handle. In this way, the driver works at its best and has a longer life.

Two types of LED drivers

There are two types of different drivers, namely the AC driver and the DC driver. The AC driver uses an alternating current and therefore does not give the exact number of pulses volts off. The voltage can be just above or below this. LED lights that you connect to this transformer must be able to withstand this. A DC-driver delivers a constant current of an exact number of volts to the connected LED lighting. LED lights can therefore also be connected to a DC driver. The transformer ensures that an even, reduced current can be delivered to the LED lighting.


When connecting a transformer, there are several points to consider, for example:

  • Never connect the LED lights under voltage. Make sure that the installation of the LED lighting is voltage-free before you start.
  • First connect the secondary side of the transformer. This is the cable from the driver to the LED lighting. After connecting the secondary side, connect the primary side of the transformer. That is the cable from the driver to the mains.
  • If you want to connect multiple LED lamps to a transformer, you must connect them in series.

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