12 Volt plug

DEFINITION: 12 Volt plug

How does a 12v plug work?

Very simple: you take the 12-volt plug and you put the plug in the cylindrical output. This output is also used to light cigars and cigarettes. Your goal may be to charge a phone or tablet or any other device with a USB-C cable. You then also have different plugs, for example with 1 USB port or with 2 USB ports. By the way, almost all cars have a 12V socket with a maximum current consumption of 15A. Example: The current of 2 ports is therefore often 4.8 ampere (the unit of current) per port is therefore 2.8 amps. The adapter converts 220v into 12v, the first port on the cigarette lighter is often male, the two ports on it are always female. The materials of the plug consist of plastic, metal and ABS.

12 volt plug

What is a 12v socket?

A 12-volt plug output is a cylindrical output which is 12 volts A 12 volt plug outlet is a cylindrical outlet that supplies 12 volts of direct current (DC) to the connected device. The most familiar 12V socket is mounted on a car and was originally supplied as part of a system that heats a metal coil in a heat-resistant (holder) to light a cigar or cigarette. The 12V socket is still built into the car as a power source. It is not uncommon to find a socket with four or five 12V outlets for charging electricity.

What to connect to the 12-volt plug?

operate on low DC voltage. In order to make the electronic device suitable for a 230 volt network, this 230 volt alternating voltage is converted to a lower direct voltage (usually 12 volts) within the device by means of a transformer and rectifier. However, some devices do not have this transformer inside the device, but outside. This transformer is also called adapter.

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