Crimping tool

Meaning: Crimping tool

If you are looking for crimping tools, it is good to know what you can use them for. This handy tool can help you make solid connections. After, of course, stripping cables. This applies to automotive cables, network cables or cables that you use for completely different purposes.

In short: The crimping tool is used to strip all kinds of cables.

How to use it: By sliding the pliers over the cable and applying a great deal of pinching force. This is called: "Crimping". In this way you connect the crimp sleeve on the cable to the conductor material. When doing so, please ensure that you do not damage the individual conductors.
Crimping tool

What are crimping tools?

Now you may wonder, what exactly are crimping pliers and why are they called "Crimping". The name shrink comes from the English. Crimping is the pressing or compressing of a casing to make a connection stronger. You will therefore find this in the assembly of cables or connectors for lighting, including LED work lamps. Other names for these pliers are: folding pliers, pressing pliers or a very special one: cable shoe pliers'. The trick is to squeeze correctly so that a connection is made between the components. This can be a specialist job and you have to be careful that the connection is made properly. But a good connection is better than no connection at all.

Is crimping pliers exactly the same as pressing pliers?

As a rule, you can use this designation for both. However, whereas crimping pliers are used for connecting cable shoes and connectors, pressing pliers are mainly used in the construction industry. These crimping pliers are mainly used when you want to connect pipelines.
Crimping tool and cable stripper

What does a crimping tool look like?

The crimping pliers look very much like pliers that you most likely have next to your cable stripper Crimping pliers are very similar to pliers you probably have in your toolbox. This is also a kind of crimping pliers. You will recognise the handle, which is made of rubber or other grip material. The pliers themselves have a different head with serrations. These serrations are of different depths. In this way, you can easily determine which position you should use on the basis of the sleeve of your cable. Another name for these knurls is crimp profile.

Are there alternatives to crimping?

There are alternatives to crimping, but these often involve solid connections that require some form of heating. Whereas crimping pliers mainly press connections together, alternatives include soldering or welding. These require extreme heat, whereby materials become liquid and melt together when hardened. It is logical that you do not always have a soldering or welding machine at hand, so crimping pliers are a wonderful solution. Also, this heavy equipment is often not needed for connecting cables.

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