The '6-PIN bayonet connection' is also called the '6-pin plug'. This connection is mainly found on the lighting of Fristom. The connector looks very similar to the commonly used Aspöck variant with 5-PINs or 7-PINs. However, only six poles are used within this connector. Bayonet connections are the waterproof connections between cables and (LED) lighting. By means of a rotating system incorporated on the outside of the connector, you can connect the connecting pins to each other. This ensures a current-conducting connection. The 6-pin plug is relatively rarely used. For example, the connection cannot be used on boat trailers.

What does the diagram of the 6-pole plug look like?

Schematic 6-pin connector

What functions can you find in the 6-pole plug?

The connection actually contains all the functions you are used to from a 5-pole, 7-pin or 8-pin plug. So you can find a pin for your stoplight, your earth, your rear fog light, your reverse light and of course your direction indicator & position light.

What is the difference between the 5-pole and the 6-pole?

The difference between the 5 PIN and the 6 PIN is the license plate light. When using a lamp that supports 6 pins, you should look for a wiring harness that fits. In many cases, this wiring harness contains one side where the 6 PINs are used. On the other side, in these cases, you can find the 5 PIN connection. Pay attention to whether this is the right or left side. This way, you can be sure that you are correctly installing your lighting.

Some models that you can find at TRALERT® equipped with this connector are the 500 series taillights and the 3300 triangle lamps. Both of these are Fristom models that have this connector integrated at the rear of the lamp as standard. You can see an example of the 500 series rear lamp with this connection in the following image.

500 series rear light technical drawing with 6-pin connection on rear side.

Would you like more information on connectors and their use? Then get in touch with our lighting specialists. They will be pleased to help you find the right connector for your trailers. A useful tip is to always put a little grease, for example copper grease, on the connector. This makes the connector more resistant to water. Even if you want to know more about matching cable harnesses, you can get in touch with TRALERT® specialists. We will be happy to make tailor-made wiring harnesses for you in order to provide your vehicles with the best possible durable and good connections.