An AMP connector (standing for Aircraft Marine Products). Like other connectors, AMP connectors consist of a male and a female part which, when brought together, form an electrical connection. This electronic connection enables a signal to pass almost without distortion or loss, contributing to the integrity of the light beam.

Een AMP connector is veel compacter en dichter dan de standaard kabelconnectoren, en biedt vier keer zoveel interconnecties. Het unieke ontwerp minimaliseert vervorming en corrosie, vooral wat betreft de respectieve mannelijke en vrouwelijke delen, oftewel de koppelvlakken.

Benefits of AMP connectors:

  • Reliability: AMP connectors are known for their reliability and robustness. That's why they are often used in vehicle lighting, such as in headlights and warning lights. The wiring harness often needs to function under harsh conditions like vibrations, temperature fluctuations, and humidity.
  • Resistant to water, dust, and dirt: De connectoren zijn bestand te zijn tegen water, stof en vuil, waardoor ze ideaal zijn voor voertuigen. Waar behoefte is aan vibration resistance.
  • Easy to assembleThe design of AMP connectors simplifies the connection and disconnection, convenient for maintenance of LED lighting systems.
  • Compact: The compact size is particularly advantageous in vehicle systems where space is limited.
  • Standardized connections AMP connectors provide standardized connection options, as seen in 7-polige DIN and 13-polige stekkersThis promotes compatibility between lighting components and accessories from various manufacturers.
  • Reduction of corrosionThe quality of the design helps prevent corrosion, resulting in a longer lifespan for both the connectors and the light sources.
  • Signal integrityThey are essential for maintaining the quality of electrical signals being transmitted, which is crucial for advanced lighting systems such as adaptieve verlichting with integrated control systems.

Where does the term AMP Connector come from?

The term "AMP connector" is derived from the original manufacturer of these connectors, AMP Incorporated. "Aircraft Marine Products" (AMP) was founded in 1941 by Uncas A. Whitaker. The company started developing connectors for the aerospace and marine industries and quickly became a globally recognized manufacturer of electrical and electronic connectors. The company has since been acquired and is now part of TE Connectivity.