Wiring harness

Meaning: Cable harness

What is a wiring harness?

A cable harness is often used in the lighting industry. At TRALERT® we also work with wiring harnesses on a daily basis, but what is it exactly? When a lamp has several functions (e.g. a rear light), it also needs different types of cables to operate all the functions in the lamp. To make it easier to connect such a lamp, wiring harnesses have been developed. In a cable harness, all the different cables are gathered together and attached to one connector. This way, you only have to connect one connector and not all the different cables of the lamp. Often, the collection of cables is surrounded by a housing that makes the cables water resistant (IP69K) are.

Different types of wiring harnesses

Different types of wiring harnesses have been developed to make it easier and more efficient to connect all kinds of different bulbs. The difference is in the connection/connector of the lamp. Because vehicles can have a different connection, there are different wiring harnesses developed so there is a solution for every problem. Nowadays, there are a lot of different wiring harnesses with all kinds of different connectors available.

Cable harness for tralert®

At TRALERT® we have many different types of wiring harnesses available. We have both separate wiring harnesses and lamps with wiring harnesses available. The separate wiring harnesses are available in different lengths and with different connections. So there is the right one for everyone. wiring harness available. Should this not be the case, it is also possible to come up with customised solutions. Please contact us so that we can find a solution together.

Wiring harness

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