Dynamic light

Definition: Dynamic light

what is dynamic light?

You might think what is dynamic lighting? In this text, we explain what dynamic lighting is and what ambient light is, including dynamic cornering light. Dynamic lighting is lighting with which you can control colour, brightness and colour temperature well. In addition to long life, this is the most important advantage of LED technology. Dynamic light is light that mimics natural light as closely as possible. You do this by adjusting the colour temperature and brightness of the white light. An example of this is a dynamic flashing light. Read more about it!

dynamic light

What is dynamic cornering light for vehicles?

Dynamic cornering lights provide better visibility when turning, driving or on winding roads with poor weather conditions. This makes it easier and quicker to recognise the obstacle or road in the dark. Cornering lights come in two flavours: cornering light and adaptive cornering light. These can be used separately from each other, but you can also use both at the same time. Learn more about cornering lights and adaptive cornering lights below.

What is angle light in vehicles?

Corner lighting makes use of the fog lights at the front of the vehicle. The fog lights are connected to the steering wheel and the indicators. As soon as you turn, the front fog lights illuminate on the left or right, so that you can see better when you turn. This makes pedestrians easier to see at dusk and in the dark. This technology is especially useful in city traffic.

What is adaptive cornering light in vehicles?

Adaptive Curve Lights turn with the lights when you move the steering wheel of the car or truck. So when you make a turn, the lights move in the same direction as you drive. This gives you a clearer view and you drive into the bend in an illuminated manner. The shape of the lights follows the course of the road, so the sides of the bends are better lit. The lights are only activated when you drive at high speed, so you avoid dazzling other road users while parking or driving slowly.

What is ambient light in vehicles?

What is nice to see is that you can add ambient kit to vehicles, ambient light is a smooth transition between different patterns and colour combinations. The slow transition is so smooth that it does not get in the way. That's why the ambient kit doesn't flash and doesn't create a distraction.

Dynamic light + savings

It is known that the use of LED lights energy and maintenance costs. Another advantage of dynamic lighting control is that you can save even more with limited energy consumption. Given the intensity of external light, artificial light does not have to be so bright. If nobody is in the cabin, the lights can be automatically dimmed or switched off.

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