What is the safety standard EN12352?

You may have come across it before, safety standard EN12352, but what does this standard entail? This European standard specifies the requirements for LED flashers. LED flashers may not be used on public roads without safety standard EN12352 and performance test EN50293. The safety standards are established by CROW. CROW stands for the Center for Regulations and Research in ground, water, and road construction and traffic engineering.

Most people participate in traffic every day, and without any rules, road safety will deteriorate enormously. That is why it is important to have requirements and rules for public roads. These rules improve road safety.

What are LED caution lights?

As mentioned earlier, LED caution lights need a safety standard EN12352, but what exactly are LED caution lights and what are they for? LED caution lights are warning lights that emit a continuous or intermittent light of a single colour. The purpose of LED caution lights is to inform, warn or guide road users. Caution lights are often used in action frames and action windows which are often used in situations where work is being carried out on the road. Slow moving vehicles also sometimes use LED caution lights. In this situation the signs indicate that you can pass on the left or what the upcoming situation will be. The signs are for safety and must therefore be conspicuous, which is where the flashers come in handy with their bright light.

LED caution lights from TRALERT®

TRALERT® offers you a wide range of high-quality LED flashers. All flashers are equipped with the necessary certificates and meet all requirements, including safety standard EN12352 and performance test EN50293. The flashers are available in sizes ranging from 80mm to 300mm. Within these various dimensions, there are also different options available. For every situation, there is a suitable LED flasher available.