What is resistance?

Resistance is the degree of resistance that a current encounters in a circuit. All materials offer some degree of resistance to current. They can be divided into two broad categories, namely: conductors and insulators. The higher the resistance, the lower the current. The lower the resistance, the higher the current. The voltage across the resistor is determined by the colour of the LED.

Connecting LED resistors to a trailer or vehicle

Because LED lighting requires significantly less power to operate than regular lighting, it may cause the vehicle to think that the lamp is malfunctioning. This can result in an error message on your dashboard or faster blinking of your turn signals. This can be resolved by using resistors. A resistor ensures that your small trailer lighting or other vehicle lighting works correctly. Each vehicle has a different connection. Therefore, there are 12-volt and 24-volt resistor connections.

Mounting the LED resistor

Connecting a resistor is quite simple. The key is to connect the resistors between the LED lighting and the vehicle where you want to place it. Since it is possible to supply resistors with wiring, you can easily place them between the existing wiring. It still happens that the connection of LED lighting on your trailer may interfere when connecting. This is because LED requires much less energy than halogen lighting. By connecting a resistor, you no longer have any interference.

Er kan ook een probleem zijn met de Canbus van het voertuig. Bijvoorbeeld als u uw aanhanger uitrust met LED verlichting. Door weerstanden hier tussen te plaatsten, zal de foutmelding verdwijnen en zal de LED verlichting goed werken.

Om te bepalen welke weerstanden het best aansluiten op je voertuig, aanhanger of trailer is het van belang om te bepalen aan welke aansluiting en voltage het moet voldoen. Kom je er niet uit? Neem dan gerust contact met de Technical support from TRALERT®.