DEFINITION: Resistance

What is resistance?

Resistance is the degree of resistance that a current encounters in a circuit. All materials offer some degree of resistance to current. They can be divided into two broad categories, namely: conductors and insulators. The higher the resistance, the lower the current. The lower the resistance, the higher the current. The voltage across the resistor is determined by the colour of the LED.

Connecting LED resistors to a trailer or vehicle

Because LED needs much less power to burn than regular lighting, it is possible that the vehicle thinks the bulb is broken. This will result in an error message on your dashboard or your indicators will start flashing faster. This can be solved by using LED resistors. LED resistance ensures that your trailer lighting whether other vehicle lighting is working properly. Each vehicle has a different connection. Therefore, 12 volt and 24 volt LED resistor connections.

Mounting the LED resistor

Connecting a resistor is quite simple. The point is to connect the LED resistors between the LED lights and the vehicle where you want to place it. Because there is a possibility to deliver resistors with wiring, you can more easily place them between the existing wiring. It still happens that LED lighting on your trailer wants to interfere with the connection. This is because LED needs much less energy than halogen lighting. By connecting a LED resistor you will have no more trouble with interference.

There may also be a problem with the vehicle's Canbus. For example, if you equip your trailer with LED lighting. By placing resistors in between, the error message will be removed and the LED lighting will work properly.

In order to determine which weestands fit best on your vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer, it is important to determine the connection and voltage it should have. Can't work it out? Then feel free to contact the technical support from TRALERT®.


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