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What is a Resistance Resistance is the degree of opposition that electric current encounters in a circuit. Resistance is represented in ohms by the Greek letter omega (Ω). Ohm is named after Georg Simon Ohm, a German physicist who investigated the relationships between electric current, electric voltage, and resistances. He is credited with formulating Ohm's Law. Additionally, there are materials that conduct electric current well, and there are materials that poorly conduct electric current. These materials provide a level of resistance to the flow of current.

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They can be divided into two main categories, namely:

  • Conductors: These are materials that have little resistance and allow electrons to move easily.

For example: gold, silver, copper, aluminium

  • Isolators: These are materials that have high resistance and limit the flow of electrons.

For example: paper, rubber, glass, wood, plastic.

How does a LED flashing light work?

A blinking LED light is a light that is not continuously illuminated; instead, the light alternates from left to right or vice versa. Usually, the lamp is alternately turned on and off by a changing electrical signal (the button you press). The signal is often generated electronically, but in old installations, this still happens electromechanically. A dynamic LED indicator light is more noticeable than a constantly lit light and is often used to attract attention, for example, to indicate a direction in traffic or to alert someone to potential danger. Below, you can read more about the resistor(s) for dynamic LED indicator lights.

Which resistor(s) for LED indicators on a vehicle?

If your vehicle has factory bulbs and not LEDs, you will probably need to use a resistor for the flasher. To fix the rapid flashing, listen to your dashboard notification. Most old car/truck models have bulb indicators. This problem is solved with the resistors from TRALERT® feel free to check out the alternatives in our range. The flavours that are now available: 12v (for cars) and 24v (for trucks). Do you still have specific questions? Feel free to ask the TRALERT® team, we are always ready to help.

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