A power strip, also known as a plug strip, socket outlet, or plug block, is a crucial component in electrical systems. This versatile unit consists of multiple outlets and can be easily connected to an extension cord.


A power strip fulfills various crucial functions that contribute to effective and safe use:

ProtectionThis box encases electrical connections to protect them from physical damage and influences such as moisture and dust.

Safety: A junction box helps prevent electrical hazards by providing a safe place to make electrical connections. It also catches any sparks or heat generated by the connections.

Organisation: A junction box helps organise and consolidate electrical connections. This makes it easier to identify and reach the plug when needed.

Compliance with RegulationsMany construction and electrical regulations require the use of power strips for specific applications, such as branching or cable insulation. This ensures a safe and code-compliant installation.

Convenience: Distribution boxes make it easier to add new electrical components or make changes to an existing electrical system, as all wires can be brought together and connected in one place.


Dimensions: Make sure to choose a distribution box with the right dimensions for the number and thickness of the plugs to be connected. At TRALERT®, you can find a 7-pin or 13-pin plug socket., where you can connect a 7-pin or 13-pin plug.

Mounting: Overweeg de montagemethode en het oppervlak. Er zijn opties voor oppervlakte- en inbouwmontage.

Cable entry: Controleer of de doos voldoende openingen heeft voor de stekkers. Denk aan het type buis voor de bedrading.

Grounding: Sommige dozen bieden aardingsvoorzieningen voor extra veiligheid. Kies dit indien nodig.

7-Polige versus 13-Polige Stekkerdoos: Wat Maakt Ze Uniek?

When choosing between a 7-pin or 13-pin trailer hitch connection, various factors come into play. Consider the intended use and frequency. The 13-pin socket offers more extensive functionality, such as reverse lights and power supply. An adapter helps if you want to switch between the two later on. Carefree for your equipment and safety.

Kies wijs en versterk jouw elektrische connecties

Is een verdeeldoos veilig?

Met dit begrip van verdeeldozen kun je nu een weloverwogen keuze maken. Hun veelzijdigheid, veiligheid en conformiteit maken ze een onmisbaar element in moderne elektrische configuraties. Ontdek de optimale oplossing die past bij jouw behoeften en versterk jouw elektrische connecties op een veilige en efficiënte manier.