What does performance test EN50293 mean?

You may have come across it before, the performance test EN50293. It relates to certain lighting in traffic. Not only for on the road, but also for off the road lighting has a huge contribution. Most people take part in traffic every day. That is why it is important that there are different requirements and rules regarding public roads. Most rules are intended to increase road safety. It is therefore not surprising that products used in traffic have to meet strict requirements.

LED caution lights are widely used in and around traffic and therefore have various requirements set by the CROW. CROW stands for the Centre for Regulation and Research in the Soil, Water, and Road Construction and Traffic Engineering. Among these requirements are the safety standard EN12352 and the performance test EN50293. Without meeting these, you are not allowed to use the LED caution light on public roads.

What are flashers used for?

You have probably already come across a flasher. Flashers can be found on action windows or action frames. Action windows are often used when working on the road. Slow moving vehicles also sometimes use action frames. The signs indicate that you can pass on the left or what the new situation is. To make the action frame more visible, flashers have been mounted in the corners. The flashers make it easier to see the sign.

LED caution lights from TRALERT®

TRALERT® has an extensive range of LED caution lights. All caution lights are equipped with the necessary certificates and meet all requirements, including the performance test EN50293. Various sizes are available, ranging from 80mm to 300mm. Within the different dimensions, there are various options available. There is a suitable LED caution light for every situation.