8-PIN's bayonet Aspöck

Definition: 8-PIN's bayonet Aspöck

What is an 8-PIN bayonet from Aspöck?

Nowadays, lighting can be connected in many different ways. In addition to the commonly used Deutsch connector There is also an 8-PIN bayonet from Aspöck to use. The 8-PIN bayonet is easy to connect and convenient to use. The bayonet is often recognised by its round connection and its price-quality ratio. The price and quality are on average higher than those of other brands. In addition, the bayonet is known for being able to quickly assemble and disassemble a lamp. The cable can only be connected in one way. There is a small recess at the bottom of the round connection that fits exactly into the slot of the connection of the lamp. Once you have tightened the swivel, the lamp is immediately connected and ready for use.

How do you recognise a left and right bayonet?

Aspöck's 8-PIN bayonet is available in two different versions, namely a left and a right connection. Both connections have the same colour, namely black. So you cannot tell the difference from the colour. On the lamp itself you can read which connection is needed. However, this does not matter with this plug. They can be used for both left and right-handed.

Difference between 5 and 8 pin bayonet

The difference between a 5-PIN's and 8-PIN's bayonet is that a 5-PIN's can only supply the standard lighting. An 8-PIN bayonet can carry more lights at the same time. Think for example of a small trailer. A 5-PIN bayonet will provide enough lighting for this. If you still need fog light and reverse light at the same time, the 5-PINs will not be suitable. You will need to connect an 8-PIN bayonet in this case.

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