What is wattage?

The wattage indicates how much power is needed per unit of time, for example, LED lights The wattage indicates how much power is needed per unit of time to operate LED lighting, for example. This differs per device. The wattage is always indicated on the product. The wattage is indicated by the letter "W". The unit is named after the Scottish engineer James Watt. The wattage can be calculated using a simple formula. The formula is as follows: the number Volt x the number Ampere = the wattage. It shows how much energy your LED lighting consumes.

Wattage in LED Vehicle Lighting

When we talk about LED vehicle lighting, the wattage is often significantly lower than with traditional halogen lamps because LEDs are more efficient at converting electrical energy into light. This means they consume less energy for the same amount of light, which saves the battery and improves the vehicle's efficiency.

Units of Watt

Since wattage can vary significantly, there are different names for different units. For example, 1000 watts is 1 kilowatt. The units of watt are shown in the table below.

Units of watt

Wattage in kWh

On your energy bill, you have probably come across the abbreviation kWh. This stands for kilowatt-hour. One kWh is 1,000 watts for one hour. The "k" stands for kilo, which means a thousand. The "W" stands for watt, and the "h" stands for the English "hour." For example, if you have a LED work lamp that consumes 48 watts and it operates for one hour, it is equivalent to 48 watt-hours or 0.048 kWh.