What is shock resistance?

Shock resistance or vibration resistance is a feature of LED worklights from TRALERT®, but what does it mean exactly? This property means that the lamp can withstand vibrations that may be caused by your vehicle. In contrast to LED lights, halogen lights are not resistant to this. LED lights are namely more solidly constructed than halogen lights. Halogen lighting can break down when there is heavy vibration in your vehicle. All parts collide and rub against each other due to the vibrations, which can cause them to break.

Most common reasons why your vehicle vibrates

Tyres and rims

The most common reason why your vehicle vibrates is because of the tyres and rims. It could be that the tyres are worn at an angle, the tyres are out of round, the wheel nuts are not tightened properly, the wheel bearings are loose or the wheels are not properly balanced.

The power train

For example, if part of the suspension is bent, this can cause significant vibration. The wheel suspension can become bent as a result of a collision. After damage, it is wise to have the drive shaft checked. When it is bent, it can cause serious vibrations. A worn out homokineat can also cause vibrations in the drive.


If you experience vibration when braking, it could be due to a number of different factors. Check the brake discs, suspension, steering ball joints, kingpins, suspension rubbers and wishbone rubbers.

Engine problems

Sometimes a vibration can be caused by engine problems. Check the spark plugs, spark plug cables, engine support and compression.

Clutch problems

If you experience vibrations when driving, there is a good chance that it is the clutch. Check the clutch disc, pressure plate and flywheel.

Shock-resistant LED worklights from TRALERT®

All LED work lights from TRALERT® are of high quality and shock-resistant. This ensures that the lights will not malfunction when your vehicle experiences vibrations. If your light does happen to malfunction, you can always contact TRALERT®. We will assist you and provide a suitable solution.