Driving beam

Definition: driving beam

What does driving beam mean?

Driving beam is similar to highbeam. It can also be compared to the main beam of a passenger car. The car's dipped-beam headlamp can be compared to low beam. It is therefore important to know that there are different rules regarding the use of driving beams. This is because it is a bright light that can blind other road users. This can have major consequences such as accidents. The light may not be used all day. For this, too, there are various rules that you must observe.

Rules on driving lights

As already mentioned, a driving beam is very similar to the main beam of a passenger car. This means that you have to take into account different rules with regard to the lighting. High beams can blind other road users, which can lead to accidents. The high beam may only be used in the evenings and at night. This is only permitted when there are no other road users in the vicinity. You are not allowed to drive right up to someone, nor are you allowed to drive right behind them. It is not recommended to use high beam when it is foggy, as visibility is reduced even more when using high beam. It is very useful when you are driving on a road without streetlights. Then the drivingbeam gives you a well lit environment.

Driving Beam at TRALERT®

Different products within the range LED lights from TRALERT® can carry driving beams. One of these products is the Skytrack LED lightbar. One of the main advantages of this lightbar is its Duo-colour daytime running lights. The lighting also includes a handy Deutsch connector to enable easy connection. Naturally, the Skytrack is also fully ECE-certified. In addition to the Skytrack, there are more LED bars that can carry driving beams.

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