Planoconvex lens

Definition: Planoconvex lens

What is a Planoconvex lens?

Each LED lamp has its own lens. The lens determines the light angle of the lamp and the extent to which the light spreads. An example of such a lens is the Planoconvex lens, also known as a p.c. lens. This is an optical flat convex lens with a positive focal length. Plano stands for flat side and convex stands for convex side. When the light source is at the focal point, the released light rays leave the lens in a parallel direction. As they exit the lens in parallel, they create a fairly tight beam that can be used over long distances. A planoconvex lens is thus ideal for LED driving lights which can provide you with bright light even in the distance.

Difference between convex and concave lens

A planoconvex lens contains a convex lens, but what is the difference between a convex and concave lens? A convex lens allows the light rays to come together while a concave lens allows the light rays to diverge. There are three different convex lenses: biconvex, positive meniscus and planoconvex. There are also three different concave lenses: the negative meniscus, the planoconcave and the biconcasve lens.

What different light beams are there?

A light beam consists of all the light rays produced by a light source. There are three different types of light bundles: parallel, divergent and convergent. A parallel beam is a beam where all light rays are shining in parallel in the same direction. An auxiliary beam is a good example of this. A divergent light bundle is a bundle in which the light beams move apart from each other. A good example is the wide beam in the agricultural sector. When it is dark, a farmer needs to have a good view of his land. A wide-beam light ensures that a large area is illuminated. Finally, there is a convergent beam. This is a light beam in which the light beams move towards each other. A good example of this is a magnifying glass.

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