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With our partners, we strive to provide customized solutions to optimally equip your truck with stylish, high-quality LED lighting.


Are you looking for LED truck lighting? Then you are at the right place at TRALERT®. With our wide range of products, such as LED marker lights and rear lights, we can always be of service to you.

LED marker lights

A well-lit road surface, even in the dark.

LED Side marker lights

Visible from all angles.

LED lightbars

Upgrade with additional light and flair.

LED Rear lights

Go out on the road with good visibility and style.

LED driving lights

Upgrade in style & functionality.

LED warning lights

Certified flashing and standing out.

LED werklampen vrachtwagen

View LED work lights

Better and more stylish light.

We strive to offer only the best quality LED lighting. Our lighting is highly durable, functionally energy-efficient, and stylishly designed. Therefore, the LED lighting from TRALERT® is an unique added value for your truck


TRALERT® is sinds haar oprichting uitsluitend gericht op LED vehicle lighting, specifiek voor vrachwagens.

Dankzij deze specifieke focus, is TRALERT® de toonaangevende leverancier voor alle LED-verlichtingsbehoeften van trucks.

Het assortiment omvat meer dan 3500 producten, zowel van eigen merk als van internationaal erkende merken.

Van LED-achterlichten tot LED-zwaailampen, van LED-werklampen voor nachtelijk gebruik tot reflectoren voor veilige reisomstandigheden.

TRALERT® heeft of produceert de geschikte verlichting voor jouw vrachtwagens.

At TRALERT®, the quality of our products is paramount. Our extensive range of over 1500 items meets the strictest quality standards. With over 15 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a leading expert in the field of LED vehicle lighting. With us, you will find reliability and expertise, allowing you to focus on your work without worries.

At TRALERT®, we are dedicated to transparency and reliability in our delivery processes.

Our entire range is available for direct and fast delivery from our own warehouse in Duiven, ensuring smooth and efficient delivery.

Regardless of the size of your order, we strive to deliver within one business day at a time that suits you best. Thanks to our bulk inventory in 's-Heerenberg, we are able to process even the largest orders. This means you don't have to maintain an extensive stock yourself and can focus on your core activities.

At TRALERT®, we offer a complete service, ranging from the supply of individual components to full plug-and-play kits.

When standard solutions are not sufficient, at TRALERT® we are capable of providing customers with the necessary custom-made modifications.

Delivered on time to seamlessly integrate with production.

At TRALERT®, personal attention and transparency are highly valued.

We don't believe in a 'one-size-fits-all' approach but strive for an individually tailored approach.

With concise and direct communication channels, we collaborate with you to identify lighting solutions that closely align with your unique situation.

TRALERT® is dedicated to providing extensive technical support, which is offered on-site by our experienced experts.

Whether you need assistance at your location or expert advice remotely, our TRALERT® professionals are ready to assist you.

At TRALERT®, we are highly committed to the quality of our products and the services we provide.

This is underscored by our standard two-year warranty, which can be extended to a lifetime warranty, depending on the product, completely free of charge. In the event that a problem occurs, we will provide a replacement product or a refund.

This commitment to service and quality is characteristic of our company values and our pursuit of customer satisfaction.


Halo warning lights

Atlas 320+

Dark markeringslichten

Nova Series

Your business account

Special purchase prices on a loyalty basis
• Minimize installation costs through our optimized plug-and-play service.
• Ensure continuous availability through our responsive inventory management.
• Large volumes delivered when you want it
• Take advantage of our specialized knowledge in trailer lamps


At TRALERT®, you'll find everything you need in the field of your vehicle lighting. However, we understand that light is not well visible from an image. Therefore, come visit us at our experience center. to experience the lamps yourself. You are welcome to come by at a time (during opening hours) that suits you best. To ensure that you get the full attention and assistance you deserve, it's useful to make an appointment.

Technical support
Speak to an expert directly.

Our technical experts have in-depth knowledge of trucks and LED vehicle lighting. If you have any technical questions or need advice, they are ready to assist you.

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