July 1, 2020 Daan Lap

LED wide-angle lights completely waterproof? Please note the IP rating

LED position lamps help you to indicate the width of your trailer in traffic. Our LED position lamps are increasingly used on boat trailers because these lamps have a high degree of waterproofness (IP67). The degree of watertightness is measured by an IP standard. When buying waterproof lighting, pay attention to this standardisation.

TRALERT® offers a large range of LED wide-angle lamps in different types & looks. The lamps are of course, as you have come to expect from TRALERT®, LED-based and produced from solid materials.

Featured product: 1005LE

LED stalk lights performed in multivoltage (12-24v) that is very suitable for mounting on your truck, trailer and trailer.

Due to the rubber housing, this lamp is highly resistant to damage and will therefore have a long life. In addition, the broadside lamp is fully certified waterproof.

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Radio interferes when lights are switched on

The entire range of LED wide-angle lamps is available on the TRALERT® dealer portal. All products can be easily found and ordered. The image above shows the well-known 1004 series of LED Autolamps in combination with the very flat LED rear light EU200. These are provided with the complete LED Autolamps cabling system for easily connecting LED lighting to your trailer/boat trailer.

Do you have additional questions about the possibilities and options of the wide-angle lamps? Please feel free to call contact one of our technical experts. They will be pleased to help you choose the right lighting for your vehicle.