5-PIN's bayonet Fristom

Definition: 5-PIN's bayonet Fristom

What is a 5-pin bayonet from Fristom?

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine vehicles without lighting. It ensures better road safety for all road users. Not all vehicles are fitted with all the necessary lighting as standard. Therefore, situations may arise in which additional lighting needs to be mounted on the vehicle. But how does this work?

The lights on your vehicle need voltage to illuminate. Therefore, a connection from the vehicle to the lights must be established. In addition to the Deutsch connector this can also be achieved with a 5-PIN bayonet from Fristom. This is a handy wiring harness which is known for being able to mount and dismount lights easily and quickly. Fristom's 5-PIN bayonet is available in high quality and is completely waterproof due to its seal of rubber. The complete watertightness is a specification with which Fristom partly distinguishes itself. All cable looms are waterproof, whereas other brands do not have this as standard.

How do you recognise a left and right 5-pin bayonet?

Fristom's 5-PIN bayonet is available in different versions, namely a left and right one. In contrast to the 5-PIN bayonet from Aspöck Fristom does use colours to make the different versions recognisable. To keep these two wiring harnesses apart Fristom produced them in yellow and green. The yellow colour is responsible for the left side of your vehicle and the green colour is responsible for the right side of your vehicle. One of the five pins on the left side is meant for the fog light, for the right side is one for the reverse light. So when you buy Fristom's 5-PIN bayonet, pay close attention to which side you need.

Range of bayonets from TRALERT®

TRALERT® has a wide range of harness system. These are available in different brands and types. If you do not find the right wiring harness for your vehicle, for example in length or connection, TRALERT® offers you customisation. This way we can find the right solution to your problem together.

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