ADR klasse 9 symbool

Symbol: ADR Class 9

What is ADR class 9 in the category 'dangerous goods' and what does this mean for your transport? Dangerous goods must be transported according to the rules/requirements of the ADR Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. Class 9 includes substances and objects that can pose a hazard to the transporter and traffic during transport. The transported goods have unique (dangerous) properties. This classification is different from ADR class 8.

The ADR 9: Other hazardous substances and objects, what are these?

Life-saving equipment, Environmentally hazardous substances, Lithium batteries, Substances polluting the aquatic environment, liquid. Solid substances that pollute the aquatic environment. Genetically modified micro-organisms and organisms, Heated substances, Other substances, presenting a hazard during carriage, but not covered by the definition of another class.

Main hazard: Miscellaneous

What characterizes products with ADR 9?

The products you won't find anywhere else in the UK classification system (ADR). The objects that fall under ADR class 9 are those that entail a reasonable risk during transport. The typical example of this class is the 'self-inflating life raft'. You know! Those inflatable boats that you can find in planes or boats. These inflatable boats contain a large cylinder that contains compressed air, usually containing carbon dioxide. This has to inflate a canopy when the raft hits the water. Other examples include various explosive rockets, colored smoke candles, solid fuel to heat food or flammable liquid base for glue solution. View the complete list ADR classifications.

The ADR was established under the auspices of the United Nations. The ADR contains requirements for:

Dangerous goods Hazard classification criteria
Shipping conditions
packaging and tank requirements
Shipping procedures, including labeling and documentation

ADR 9 transport?

Then make sure that all your equipment, both the vehicles and the storage facilities, meet all the safety requirements and regulations of the ADR 9 Directive. When choosing a transporter, you can always ask whether their equipment is set up for this transport. The person who wants to have these goods transported must in turn have arranged the correct packaging for his objects. If there is no standard packaging with the product, please discuss the options with your carrier.

ADR and lighting?

Because lighting is always important in transport, ADR transporters must also have good lighting. The equipment only meets the ADR 9 requirements if the lighting is also ADR certified. TRALERT® has an extensive range of ADR certified marker lights and work lights. Curious? MNo