Side reflecting technology

Definition: Side reflecting technology

What is side reflecting technology?

When asked what exactly side reflecting technology is, you could also ask what the RFT lens technology is. The technology changes and improves light pattern. There are also different optical elements for each type of lighting. This has to do with the purpose of the lighting. There are many options, such as blurring the light beam or sharpening it. The lens of a lamp determines a lot about the actual light. Side reflecting technology uses indirect light. The purpose of this is to provide the work area with an even spread of light. The even distribution is made possible by using the reflecting technology.

The difference between indirect and direct light is that with direct light the LEDs shine directly onto the surface to be illuminated. Direct light is found in worklights that have to illuminate one specific area. So this is actually the opposite aim when compared to the RFT lens technology. Simply put, the lens determines a lot about the light and one is not better than the other. It simply has to do with the purpose for which the lamp is used. If you have any questions about which light is best in your situation, feel free to contact us.

Where at TRALERT®?

The side reflecting technology can be found in several TRALERT® products. It is most commonly used with the LED work lights from TRALERT®. And especially in the case of the wide-angle beams. A wide beam aims to provide plenty of light in the immediate vicinity. The aim is to illuminate the workplace homogeneously. In fact, no areas should be illuminated more than others. You will not find this technology in lamps that are intended to be seen. There are other lenses for this purpose. The purpose of these is to emit a desired light image.

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