What is side reflecting technology?

When asked about what side reflecting technology is, you could also inquire about what RFT lens technology is. This technology provides a different and improved light pattern. Different optical elements are present for each type of lighting, depending on the purpose of the lighting. Many options are possible, such as blurring or sharpening the light beam. The lens of a lamp determines a lot about the actual light. Side reflecting technology uses indirect light, aiming to evenly illuminate the work area. The uniform distribution is achieved by using the reflection technique.

The difference between indirect and direct light is that with direct light the LEDs shine directly onto the surface to be illuminated. Direct light is found in worklights that have to illuminate one specific area. So this is actually the opposite aim when compared to the RFT lens technology. Simply put, the lens determines a lot about the light and one is not better than the other. It simply has to do with the purpose for which the lamp is used. If you have any questions about which light is best in your situation, feel free to contact us.

Where at TRALERT®?

In various TRALERT® products, you can find side reflecting technology. It is most commonly used in TRALERT®'s LED work lights, especially in the wide-beam variants. A wide-beam light aims to provide ample light to the immediate surroundings, uniformly illuminating the workspace. The goal is to avoid uneven lighting, ensuring that no areas are more illuminated than others. You won't find this technology in lights designed to be seen; different lenses are used for that purpose, aiming to project a desired light pattern.