ECE regulation 65

DEFINITION: ECE regulation 65

What is ECE Regulation 65?

The European directive ECE Regulation 65 defines the requirements for optical and acoustic signals for vehicles and trailers. In 2014, the regulation of the ECE R65 applies to amber-coloured flashing lights and strobes for vehicles and trailers. In order to comply with ECE Regulation 65, it is important to prevent unsafe situations. It is important to warn fellow road users when they see such a vehicle coming. This allows them to adjust their driving behaviour accordingly. The LED flashlights and the LED beacons of vehicles on public roads must be certified according to the European Directive ECE R65. It is important to know that not every flashing light and flash unit may be used on public roads. Another word for ECE regulation 65 is the abbreviation ECE R65.

ECE Regulation 65 certified

It is important that you are visible to the other road users. The LED beacons and torches must therefore be ECE R65 certified. According to the European guidelines of the ECE R65, you do not yet meet the set guidelines. To meet the European guidelines of the ECE R65, the light must be visible from a distance of 20 metres around the vehicle, at a height of 1.50m. If the bodywork or the load obstructs the view of the lighting, the lighting will no longer meet the requirements. So always ensure that the lighting is clearly visible.

ECE regulation 65

When is the European regulation in force

The European regulation ECE regulation 65 is valid for the following vehicle categories:

- Vehicles with at least 4 wheels. Cat. M1, M2, M3) and (Cat. N1, N2, N3)
- Trailers (Cat. 01, 02, 03, 04)
- Agricultural and forestry tractors (Cat. T)
- Off-road mobile machinery (Cat. G.

When can you use a flashing light with ece-r65?

An amber-coloured flashing light or beacon with ECE-R65 may not always be used. When you do not use the flashing light at the right time, there is a chance that you will be fined. Therefore, it is important to know in which situations it can be used. All situations where you are allowed to use a beacon with ECE-R65 approval are listed below.

  • Rescue, repair, recovery or towing of vehicles;
  • Escorting transports for which an exemption has been granted;
  • Escorting military columns;
  • Agricultural, forestry, or off-road work vehicles that travel at a reduced speed, or trailers pulled by these vehicles that are wider than 2.60 m including the load;
  • The transport of an indivisible load for which an exemption has been granted;
  • Work around, on or on roads, including snow removal and gritting of slippery roads;
  • Providing assistance on or near the road.

Legally liable

In the event of an accident in which the vehicle was not or insufficiently equipped with the correct warning lights, the owner of the vehicle will be held legally liable. It is important that LED beacons and torches are ECE R65 certified and comply with European directives. If the lights are also clearly visible, the driver will not be held liable.

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