Connection cable

Definition: Connection cable

What is an adapter cable?

You may have heard of an adapter cable, but what is it exactly? An adapter cable is a mechanical accessory and is also called a connector. A connector connects two connectors. An adapter cable is in short a connector that converts different voltages to the right one voltages. The junction converts signals into other voltages. Voltages actually determine the speed at which the electronic particles move through the connector. If this happens too slowly, it can cause the cables to burn out. The connector converts alternating current into direct current. Within the automotive branch, the adapter cable is a much used type of connection. Connecting an adapter cable is fairly simple.

EMC malfunction

When the LED lights When the power supply is connected, other electrical devices in the vicinity may start to interfere. One example is the radio in a vehicle. When this problem occurs, the lighting has not been provided with the correct EMC suppression. To see if the LED lighting has EMC suppression you can look at different certificates. EMC stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility. These rules do not only apply to lighting. All electronic devices must have EMC interference suppression. If the LED lighting and the other electronic devices are not certified, it can be harmful to your health.

Range of tralert®

All adaptor cables from TRALERT® have the appropriate certificates and are all equipped with EMC interference suppression. There is also a wide range of cabling available. This means that there is always a solution to the problems of connecting your lighting. If you have trouble connecting your lighting, you can always count on the service of TRALERT®. As a LED vehicle lighting specialist, we are always ready to help you.

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