What is an adapter cable?

A jumper cable is a mechanical device and is also known as an adapter. It converts alternating current to direct current and connects two connectors. This tool converts voltages into other types. voltages., making it essential for the proper functioning of electronic devices. Within the automotive industry, the jumper cable is a commonly used type of connector that allows various vehicle components to be seamlessly interconnected.

Trailer adapter:

At TRALERT®, we have various lamps with a coiled cable as a connection. An example of this is the LED beacon with magnetic base. Thanks to the coiled cable, the LED beacon with a magnetic base is easy to install when speed is crucial.

Jumper cable 13 to 7 pin:

An example of an important adapter cable is the 13 to 7-pin variant. This cable ensures efficient conversion of signals between 13-pin and 7-pin connections, allowing vehicle lighting to be connected to trailers with different connections. This contributes to a safe and streamlined travel experience.

EMC Interference Suppression:

It is essential for lighting systems to have the appropriate EMC interference suppression, especially when connecting LED lighting.. This prevents interference with other electronic devices in the vicinity, such as a vehicle's radio. EMC stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility, and adhering to these standards is crucial for the health and safety of users.


All adapter cables from TRALERT® have the correct certifications and are all equipped with EMC interference suppression. There is also a wide range of cabling available. This ensures that there is always a solution for issues with connecting your lighting. If you have trouble connecting your lighting, you can always rely on the service of TRALERT®. As a specialist in LED vehicle lighting, we are always ready to assist you.