In the Netherlands, there are more than 1 million registered trailers, which means that over 1 in 17 people own or use a trailer. For safe traffic in the Netherlands, it's essential that all these trailers are equipped with the proper lighting, including LED rear lights for trailers, and appropriate reflectors. Since a trailer doesn't have its own engine, special triangular reflectors must be added to ensure they are clearly visible on the road. Take a look at TRALERT®'s extensive range of trailer LED rear lights to provide the necessary lighting and accessories. This way, you contribute to road safety in the Netherlands.

What is the triangle reflector and why should it be placed next to the taillights?

A triangle reflector, also known as a "red retro-reflector" or warning triangle. It is a mandatory reflective safety component on the rear of a trailer to improve visibility and safety in various traffic conditions. These reflectors are often red triangular panels that have retro-reflective properties. They can be integrated into LED taillights or mounted separately next to the taillights. They increase visibility, especially at night, by reflecting light from headlights of other vehicles. This, in turn, improves road safety.

Placing the triangle reflector next to the LED taillights increases the likelihood that other road users will notice the trailer during various traffic situations, such as braking or standing still. This reduces the risk of collisions and contributes to the safety of yourself and other road users.

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What should I pay attention to when installing the triangle reflector on my trailer?

A few things are important when installing the triangle reflector on your trailer. You can find the most current regulations in the MOT (APK) Handbook van de RDW. De rode (gevarendriehoek) retroreflectoren bevestig je aan de achterzijde van de aanhangwagen. Wat betreft de montage van de rode driehoekreflectoren naast uw LED verlichting geldt het volgende:

  • two red retroreflectors on the rear of the vehicle;
  • When mounted, the distance should not exceed 0.50 meters from the point of the greatest width of the trailer;
  • De onderlinge montage afstand tussen de rode driehoek reflectoren op een aanhangwagen dient niet minder dan 0,60 meter dan wel niet minder dan 0,40 meter te zijn. Dit bij een totale aanhangwagenbreedte van minder dan 1,30 meter;
  • Red retro reflectors must be mounted at a height of more than 0.25 meters and less than 0.90 meters above the road surface.
LED achterlichten Aanhangwagen aansluiten

Besides the trailer LED tail lights, what other reflectors should be present on a trailer?

In addition to LED taillights and triangle reflectors, trailers must have other reflectors to comply with traffic regulations and increase visibility and safety. The specific requirements can vary depending on the vehicle category and local laws, but the most common reflectors are:

  • White retro-reflectors. These are normally on the front of a trailer to indicate the width of the vehicle. They alert other road users to the width of the trailer, which is especially important at night and when visibility is poor.
  • Amber (orange) retro-reflectors. They normally on the sides of the trailer and indicate the contour of the trailer, especially if it is tall and long. Amber reflectors are often incorporated into LED marker lights. Hence the common rectangular or round shape.

For all reflectors, measured from the ground, between 35 and 90 centimeters in height may be mounted provided that they are clearly visible.

LED rear trailer lights with built-in triangle reflector; is this also an option?

Certainly! More and more, you see LED rear lights for trailers that are already equipped with a triangular reflector. If the trailer's taillight already has a triangular reflector, it is unnecessary to additionally mount a red retroreflector. You can omit this step. For example, the new VC-3000 series in our assortment is a type of rear light that comes with both a rectangular reflector and a triangular reflector.

LED achterlicht dynamisch knipperlicht met driehoek reflector
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Choice of single function or multi-function taillights

The choice between single function tail lights and multi-function trailer tail lights depends on your personal preference. Many trailer builders prefer multi-function taillights because of the limited space on the rear bumper. In addition, it saves costs because there is no separate retroreflector need to be placed next to the lights. However, some trailer builders prefer single function tail lights for aesthetic reasons.

LED trailer rear lights with triangular reflector can be found at TRALERT®.

Trailers come in all shapes and sizes. Finding suitable LED tail lights can be a task in itself. TRALERT® has a wide range of tail lights and reflectors designed specifically for unbraked, braked tandem axles and trailers. Have you ever thought about equipping your trailers with high-quality LED lights? Then contact our specialists! We will be happy to help you choose the right LED lighting and cabling.