January 4, 2021 TRALERT®

LED trailer tail lights? Pay attention to the triangle reflector!

In the Netherlands there are more than 1 million registered trailers. This means that more than 1 in 17 people owns or uses a trailer. It is therefore of great value to Dutch traffic that your trailers are fitted with the correct (LED) lighting and corresponding reflectors. A trailer itself does not have an engine, which is why a special triangle reflector must be added to the signalling of trailers. View the complete TRALERT® range of trailer LED rear lights here.

What is the triangle reflector and why should it be placed next to LED tail lights?

The triangle reflector, or otherwise called: 'triangular reflector', 'red retro reflector' or warning triangle, is the reflector that must be placed on the rear of your trailer. In some cases, the warning triangle is built into the LED taillight or separately mounted next to the taillights. Suitable places for a triangle reflector include the tailgate, rear bumper or mudguard of your trailer.

Red retro reflector rear trailer

VRF-410R: Triangle reflector Red with screw mounting. Practically applicable to all trailers. Easy to mount due to existing screw mounting.

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Rode retro reflector

When installing the triangle reflector on my trailer, what should I pay attention to?

When installing red retro reflectors on your trailers, a few things are important. You can find the most up-to-date regulations in the RDW's APK handbook. The red (warning triangle) retro reflectors must be attached to the trailer at the rear. When mounting the red triangle reflectors next to your LED lighting applies:

  • When mounted, the distance must not exceed 0.50 m from the point of the greatest width of the trailer;
  • The mutual mounting distance between the red triangle reflectors on a trailer should not be <0.60m - <0.40m. This with a total width of less than 1.30m
  • The red retro reflectors must be mounted at a height of not less than 0.25 m and not more than 0.90 m above the road surface.
LED achterlichten Aanhangwagen aansluiten

LED rear lights Trailer with triangle reflector

What other reflectors should be present on trailers in addition to trailer LED lights?

In addition to the mandatory triangular reflectors, reflectors are also mandatory on the front and sides. For the sides, orange (amber) coloured reflectors are mandatory. These are often incorporated into LED marker lights. Hence, these reflectors are rectangular or round in nature. At the front, the color white, similar to the color of your headlights is the standard. These must also be mounted visibly on the trailer. The height of all reflectors, measured from the ground, may be between 35 and 90 cm, provided that they are clearly visible.

LED trailer tail lights with built-in triangle reflector, is this also an option?

Of course! More and more you see LED rear lights for trailers that are already equipped with a triangular reflector. If the rear light of the trailer is already equipped with a triangular reflector, it is unnecessary to mount another red retro reflector. You can therefore omit it. The new VC-3000 series in our range, for example, is a kind of rear light that both rectangle reflector and triangle reflector is supplied.

LED achterlicht dynamisch knipperlicht met driehoek reflector

LED rear lights trailer | rear light with dynamic flashing light

LED rear lights with triangle reflector for your trailer, you will find at TRALERT®.

Trailers come in all shapes and sizes and finding the right LED tail lights can be a task in itself. TRALERT® has a wide range of tail lights and reflectors specially for unbraked, braked tandem axles and trailers. Have you ever thought about equipping your trailers with good quality LED lighting? Then get in touch with our specialists! We would be happy to help you think about the proper implementation of LED lighting and cabling for all your trailers.