LED rear lights come in various shapes and sizes. The choice of rear light that best suits your vehicle depends entirely on personal preferences and installation options. Some companies prefer to equip their trailers with round LED hamburger lights because they believe it fits best and is the easiest to replace in terms of parts. Other companies, on the other hand, are fond of square LED rear lights, of course equipped with a modern dynamic turn signal. Everyone can have their own preference for the shape of LED lighting. Of course, it is essential that the rear lights have the necessary functions.

Round LED rear lights

Very popular at TRALERT®, the round LED taillights. With more than 20 different types and functions, these taillights are mounted on many vehicles. For example, the 140ESTIM in our range is widely used by various bodybuilders. This is because the price/quality ratio of this lamp is very attractive and the lamp has a modern look. New round LED taillights are equipped with dynamic turn signals that run the entire width of the lamp. This creates a cool effect when combined with our D.I.M module. This module ensures that the Round LED taillights flash synchronously. Because the lamps are equipped with dynamic turn signals, this creates a very unique effect. In addition, our range includes the flat, 140HB series LED Autolamps taillights. This is a very easy-to-install flat round taillight.

Square LED taillights

Square LED taillights are also part of our assortment. Square LED taillights are mainly mounted on trucks. In many cases as a single function, but often also the same functions side by side. This gives a beautiful and somewhat traditional effect. Therefore, you can find numerous trucks with square LED taillights at many truck shows. The square LED taillights are available in our assortment in both 12v and 24v versions. If you need a special configuration, please contact our product specialists.

Vierkante LED achterlichten vrachtwagen of trailer
Square LED rear lights truck or trailer

LED trailer lighting

For a trailer, it makes no difference whether a square format LED rear light is fitted or one of a round format. With rear lights for a trailer it is especially important that there is a warning triangle visible In many taillights, this triangle is already incorporated. In the TRALERT® dealer portal, you will naturally find combination rear lights for trailers in which the triangle reflector is also incorporated. It is not necessary to add separate triangle reflectors in addition to the LED taillights of your trailer.

LED achterlichten TRAILER verschillende vormen
LED rear lights trailer or truck different shapes

LED lighting for trucks

For trucks, you can find various sizes of LED taillights in our dealer portal as well. With over 250 different taillights for trucks, there's always a suitable option for your vehicle, regardless of whether it's a DAF, Scania, or Volvo truck. If you're unsure about the required dimensions of the taillights for your truck, you don't need to worry about adding a triangular reflector to the back of your vehicle since trucks are motorized. If necessary, feel free to contact our specialists. They are ready to assist you in finding modern LED lighting for your truck.