In the world of trucks and trailers, round LED rear lights have become indispensable. You see them everywhere and they come in more and more configurations and designs. Think, for example, of round rear lights with dynamic indicators, without dynamic indicators, flush-mounted or surface-mounted with a neon ring or in a row. In short, round LED rear lights give a distinctive appearance to your trailer or truck. There is now a commonly used term for round LED rear lights: hamburger lights.

LED hamburger lamp_ TRALERT
LED hamburger lamp

The hamburger light: a commonly used term, but why? We'll explain it to you!

As seen in the above image, these round LED taillights have two red sides with an amber (orange) turn signal in the middle. Because of this characteristic, these taillights resemble a hamburger, which has led to the tasty name that emphasizes the versatility of their round shape. As for the appearance of a hamburger light, at TRALERT®, we recommend the unique VC-213 series. With dynamic turn signals, elegant lines, and durable materials, this is an attractive choice for your vehicle, unlike the usual round LED taillights. However, we advise you not to take a bite when choosing this lamp!

Combining LED tail lights around

Hamburger LED taillights, or round LED taillights, are often combined. By connecting them correctly to the power supply of your truck or trailer, they can then light up synchronously. For a dynamic turn signal effect on your hamburger lights, you may consider using a dynamic turn signal module from TRALERT®. This special module allows you to achieve a dynamic turn signal effect when installing multiple round trailer lights. Watch the video below for an example of a customer who installed the dynamic module. TRALERT® LED hamburger lights typically have a standard diameter of 140 mm. Furthermore, the LED hamburger lights are equipped with internal components to prevent disturbances, such as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC suppression).

Why choose TRALERT® LED hamburger tail lights?

At TRALERT®, you'll find an extensive selection of high-quality models and variants of hamburger lights, including models with brake/taillights, turn signals, fog lights, and reverse lights. All our round LED taillights are made of durable materials, both for the waterproof housing and for the lamps and internal components. As a result, our range complies with the required certifications. Our TRALERT® round LED taillights are very robust and reliable; we only offer high-quality products that are long-lasting.

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If you're planning to install your LED hamburger lights, we recommend adding a chrome recessed bezel. Do you have any questions about installing these hamburger lights? Our product specialists are ready to assist you. If you're curious about all the LED rear lights in our range, go to LED rear lights.