Why are round LED taillights called "Hamburger lights?

In truck and trailer land, round LED rear lights are here to stay. You see them everywhere and in more and more configurations and designs. You will find round rear lights with dynamic flashing light, without dynamic flashing light, recessed or surface mounted with neon ring or in a row.

In short, LED tail lights in a round format bring a signature to your trailer or truck. Now there is a common name for round LED tail lights. A tasty name that illustrates the splendor of the versatility of this round shape, namely: the hamburger light!

LED hamburger lamp_ TRALERT
LED hamburger lamp

Now I hear you thinking, hamburger lamp? What do you mean by hamburger lamp? We are happy to explain that to you.

As you can see from the image above, the round shape of these LED taillights has two red-colored sides with an amber (orange) flashing light in the middle. For this reason, people think these LED taillights look like a hamburger. In terms of looks, we at TRALERT® would go for the unique VC-213 series. With a dynamic turn signal, beautiful lines and solid materials, this is a great choice for your vehicles as opposed to the traditional round LED tail lights. When it comes to taste, however, we don't recommend taking a bite out of this light!

Combining LED tail lights around

In many cases hamburger LED tail lights / round LED tail lights are combined with each other. By properly connecting the lights to the voltage of your truck/trailer, it is possible to have them shine synchronously. To create a dynamic flashing effect for your hamburger lights, consider a dynamic indicator from TRALERT®. This special module allows you to create a dynamic flashing light effect when mounting multiple round trailer lights. See the video below for an example of a customer who installed the dynamic module. TRALERT® LED hamburger lamps are practically always equipped with the common diameter of 140 mm. The LED hamburger lamps are also naturally equipped with internal components that prevent interference (EMC interference).

Why choose TRALERT® LED hamburger tail lights?

TRALERT® is pleased to offer you the widest selection of quality models and designs, including hamburger lights with brake/rear lights, turn signals, fog lights and reverse lights. All our round LED rear lights are made of high quality materials, which applies to both the (waterproof) housing and the lamps and internal components used. The range therefore complies with the required certification. TRALERT® round LED taillights are not easily broken, we only offer quality products that are reliable and long lasting.

Are you looking for rear lights with a modern design? Then you are also at the right place. TRALERT® offers you a choice of several Lavaflow-look rear lights, very suitable for your vehicle. Ordered quickly and delivered quickly. Choose also for quality LED tail lights on your vehicle! If you would like to install your LED hamburger lamps, we recommend a chrome recessed edge. Questions about fitting these hamburger lamps? Call our product specialists, they will be happy to help you. Should you be curious about all the LED tail lights in our program, please go to: LED rear lights.

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