Wide beam

Definition: broad-ranging

What is a wide beam?

A floodlight (also called a floodlamp) is a lamp focused on illuminating as large an area as possible. What a floodlight is ideal for depends on how you use it. An important feature of a good floodlight is high light output, which ensures a bright and well-lit environment. LED floodlights are also known for their durability and have a long lifespan.

Wattage breedstralers

In the case of floodlights, also known as spotlights, it refers to the wattage refers to the power of the light source used in the spotlight. The wattage indicates how much energy the light source consumes and has a direct impact on the light output and brightness of the spotlight

Generally speaking, a higher wattage results in higher light output, meaning the spotlight will shine brighter. In the context of lighting, watts are crucial for indicating a lamp's energy consumption, which is directly related to the amount of light it generates.

Multivoltage equipped

Most TRALERT® lights that can be used as wide-beam headlamps are equipped with multivoltage. This means that the lighting is not limited to a certain group of vehicles. Each vehicle has its own connection. When a lamp is multivoltage equipped, the lamp will simply work at the different voltages. The multivoltage varies between 12v and 24v but also from 9v to 36v. So you don't have to worry about this when buying your LED lighting. LED lights.

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