what is a light beam?

A beam of light is an image that gives light (light image). This image is caused by the light source, this light source consists of multiple light emitting diodes, the diodes are often close together in a bundle, you can see this in LED lamps. There are flood beams and spot beams. Flood beams emit a wide beam with a sharp edge, which can be seen when the light is on the road. The name spot beams give away the name of the spot light, it is a light that illuminates one specific spot, so there is no sharp edge on the road.


What types of light beams are there?

The light pattern is very important when choosing a LED lamp. An optical image is a beam of light that is scattered by, for example, (an LED lamp). So there are three different types of rays. broad beam, focused (light) beam, and the composite (light) beam. There is also a fourth beam: (Convergence) Convergence means that rays from different directions hit a point. There is also a lamp with a focusing system. With this, the distance between the reflector and the LED set.

So you can decide whether to use a wide beam for close-ups or a narrow beam for long distances. Each of these three beams has its own unique properties, so there is a suitable lamp for every situation. Choosing the right rays goes a long way in finding the right lamp. Please note that the use of directional and combined beams can blind you and your oncoming vehicle. In the case of wide ray LED work lights of TRALERT® this is not the case.

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