Warning lights and LED emergency light bars. Perhaps not the most common category of LED lighting, but certainly one of the most eye-catching. Vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances primarily use emergency light bars. In addition, vehicles from organizations like the ANWB also use emergency light bars. It's not possible for every road user to mount an emergency light bar on a vehicle. When are you allowed to use an orange warning light? Below, we will explain in detail when road users are allowed to use an emergency light bar on their vehicle.

Different colors of LED beacons

Light bars from the TRALERT® range are available in two different colors, namely blue and amber. The different colors indicate which vehicles the light bars are available for. Blue lights are used on priority vehicles, while orange lights are used during roadwork. Below, you'll find more information about the functions of the different colors.

Orange/Amber beacon bar

Orange/Amber warning light bars alert other road users, for example, when a vehicle is extremely large, moving slowly, or when the driver is engaged in work on or along the public road. In 2020, there was an increasing demand for subcontractors to equip their vehicles with orange signaling when carrying out work along the road. No additional permit is required for this type of lighting. Orange (Amber) warning light bars that you see on the public road must be equipped with... ECE-R65 and ECE-R10 Certification

Blue flashing light bar

Vehicles equipped with a blue light bar are exclusively those that, in certain situations, must have priority in traffic. The police, fire department, and ambulances often use blue light bars in combination with a siren. To use a blue light bar, the government must officially designate the vehicle as a critical requirement. Think, for example, of road inspectors.

Combination of orange and blue signaling lamps

Vehicles on the public road can also display a combination of the above-mentioned colors. Many priority vehicles are equipped with both a blue light bar and an orange variant. In this case, the blue light is activated when the vehicle requires priority over other road users, while the orange variant indicates that the vehicle is in a hazardous location. When the vehicle is stationary, these colors are used in combination.

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When may I mount an orange flashing light on my vehicle?

You can use an orange warning light bar in three different situations. The first situation in which this type of light is applicable is during roadwork. This includes work performed by landscaping companies or, for example, the municipality. Additionally, orange warning lights are used when vehicles have a limited speed, such as tractors or excavators. The third and final situation in which orange lights are used involves exceptional convoys. These are groups of vehicles transporting very large or heavy objects that cannot be transported conventionally, such as massive structures or oversized loads.

When one of the above situations occurs, it is generally allowed for any vehicle to use an orange warning light. In the situations mentioned above, it is of great importance to warn other road users of potential or approaching danger.

TRALERT® offers an extensive range of high-quality LED lighting. We have solutions for various vehicles. Curious about which LED lighting is the best fit for your vehicle? Don't hesitate and get in touch with our product specialists. They are ready to assist you in making the right choice.