Beacon beam on public roads? Is that allowed?

Flashing lights and LED beacon bars. Perhaps not the most common category of LED lights, but one of the most striking. Flashing light bars are mainly used by vehicles such as police cars, fire engines and ambulances. In addition, vehicles from the ANWB, for example, also make use of a flashing light beam. It is not possible for every road user to mount a beacon on a vehicle. When are you allowed to use an orange flashing light? Below, we will explain in detail when you are allowed to use a flashing light on your vehicle.

When orange flashing light

Different colors of LED beacons

Beacon beams from TRALERT®'s range are available in two different colors, blue and amber. The different colors represent which vehicles the beacon bars are available for. A blue beacon is used on priority vehicles and amber beacons are used during road works. More on the functions of the different colors below.

Orange/Amber beacon bar

Orange/Amber aOrange/Amber flashing beacons are used to warn other road users, for example, when a vehicle is extremely large, is driving slowly or because the driver is carrying out work on or along public roads. Anno 2020, more and more subcontractors are being asked to equip their vehicles with orange signal lights while performing work along the road. No additional permit is required for this type of lighting. Orange (Amber) beacons that you see on public roads must have ECE-R65 and ECE-R10 certification.

Blue flashing light bar

Vehicles equipped with a blue flashing beam are exclusively vehicles that must be given priority in traffic in certain situations. Blue flashing light bars are often combined with a siren and are used by police, fire departments and ambulances. An important condition for being allowed to use a blue flashing beam is that the vehicle must be designated by the state. Think for example of road inspectors.

Combination of orange and blue signaling lamps

It is also possible to see a combination of the above colors reflected on a vehicle used on public roads. In fact, many priority vehicles with a blue flashing beam are also clad with an orange variant. The blue light is activated when the vehicle asks for priority from its road users and the orange variant is used to indicate that the vehicle is in a dangerous spot. This color is used in combination when the vehicle is stationary.

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When orange flashing light

When may I mount an orange flashing light on my vehicle?

Orange flashing light bars may be used in three different situations. The first situation when this type of lamp is applicable is when working along the road. This can include work carried out by a landscaping company or the municipality, for example. In addition, orange flashing lights are used when a vehicle has a limited speed, such as a tractor or excavator. The third and final situation when orange flashing lights may be used is during an exceptional convoy.

When one of the above situations occurs, it is in principle permitted for any vehicle to use an orange flashing light. During the above situations, it is very important that fellow road users are warned of possible or imminent danger.

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