The LED lightbar, also known as the LED emergency light bar, comes in various shapes and sizes. This lightbar is specially used as a signaling device on the roof of vehicles to alert other road users to special situations. This ensures you travel safely on the road. In this blog, we will take you through the latest developments in LED lightbars.

The traditional LED flash bar

The LED lightbar of the EQLB series is a well-known model. It is based on traditional rotating beacons and features flash heads at the ends of the lightbars. You can recognize them by the transparent amber-colored lens that emits a warm orange-yellow light. There's a good chance you've encountered this model on the road, as the EQLB series is often installed on various vehicles, from small utility vans to trucks.

The new generation of LED lightbars

In addition to this traditional variant, there is now a new series. This new generation LED flash bar is called the EQBT series and is completely ready for the future. Due to its slim design, this series of light bars is extremely suitable for the latest generations of commercial vehicles and trucks. The fully encapsulated modular sections with the black top are characteristic of this series.

The design of the EQBT series provides a fresh look for the vehicle and has the additional advantage of low air resistance. This makes the vehicle more fuel-efficient without compromising on safety and visibility. Each LED light bar from the EQBT series is equipped with high-power LED modules with clear options for intense light output over long distances. This ensures that you can work safely and remain highly visible.

The advantages of a TRALERT® LED flashbar

Whether you opt for an LED light bar from the EQLB series or the EQBT series, you will definitely hit the road safely and visibly. Here is an overview of the advantages of TRALERT's LED light bars®.

  • Equipped with high quality full-LED modules
  • Available in different lengths from 251mm up to 1586mm
  • Optimal visibility for a safe working environment
  • Suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from small commercial vehicles to trucks
  • Easy assembly
  • Minimum 2 years warranty

Featured LED flash bar

LED flashing light bar R65 | 1103mm | 10-30v | complete flashing


  • Beautiful slimline design, only 50mm thick housing
  • Freely adjustable mounting feet
  • ECE-R65 certified class 2
  • Day & night mode
  • Built on a strong aluminum base
  • Stable and strong 4-point mounting feet

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