LED tail lights with dynamic flashing light for your trailer or trailer? Check out these models!

It's becoming more common, LED taillights with dynamic flashing. Where previously only the light flashed when pointing in the direction it now scrolls outwards. The dynamic flashing light is a growing trend at the moment. Mainly because it is seen as modern and gives it a modern look. Tralert® offers a wide range of tail lights with this type of flashing light. In this blog we tell you more about tail lights with this type of flashing light and highlight ten models!

LED rear light with dynamic indicator

Why LED taillights with dynamic flashing?

Why choose LED? Simple! LED requires much less energy than conventional lighting. LED lighting is much more efficient with its energy. For example, halogen lighting can become very hot, lost energy you might say. This contributes to a very long life of the lighting. In addition, LED has a modern look and exudes quality. A perfect way to modernize your existing trailer or vehicle.

Ten type LED taillights with dynamic flashing light

10.  VC-2000 series with dynamic flashing light

The Tralert® VC-2000 is a rectangular tail light that has quickly made a very good name for itself in the trailer industry. The dynamic flashing light with lava-flow look makes this taillight a very modern specimen. Very suitable for trailers because of its multivoltage and many connection possibilities.

LED taillight, equipped with dynamic flashing light, brake light, fog light, reverse light and with triangular reflector.


  • Unique design Lavaflow neon-look LED trailer/trailer taillight
  • Equipped with dynamic flashing light
  • Equipped with 7-PINs AMP connector
  • Slimline housing, only 35.5mm thick
  • Equipped with reflector triangle

Check out the VC-2000 series.

Tralert VC-2000 series LED rear light banner

9. VC-3000 Series

The VC-3000 series LED tail lights from the Fristom brand are beautifully designed with a unique look. This lamp is available in a left and right version and there is also the option to equip this taillight with a license plate light. Check the overview at the bottom of this page to see everything at a glance.

As a new trend in the market, the taillight uses intelligent brake light technology. As soon as the fog light and brake light are turned on at the same time then one section of the brake light units is turned off to meet the requirements for approval.


  • Equipped with a dynamic flashing light
  • Intelligent brake light, partially switches off when fog light is switched on.
  • Equipped with a rectangular reflector (vehicle version) exactly the same lamp is also available in a trailer version with a triangular reflector. So equip your complete truck and trailer with the same look lamps.
  • Equipped with the standard Heart on Heart measurement (152 mm)
  • Optionally, this lamp can be equipped with various connectors and cable lengths. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Check out the VC-3000 series.

LED rear light with dynamic indicator

8. VC-2300 series

This VC-2300 series LED taillight features a dynamic flashing light and is suitable for multivoltage (12/24v). This versatile taillight is a beautifully designed and built with strong materials. In addition to this cable version, the light is also available with a 5 PIN's bayonet connection.


  • Unique design implemented with a dynamic flashing light
  • Can be mounted on the left or right
  • Can optionally be equipped with a license plate light

This version is equipped with a fog light The VC-2300 series is developed by Fristom and divided into 8 versions, the choice with these LED tail lights are:

  • With or without a license plate light
  • Includes a fog or reverse light
  • With a 1m. cable or a 5 PINs bayonet connection

This LED taillight is a lamp that is suitable for trailers & semi-trailers. In addition, this lamp can also be used extremely well on trucks, pick-ups and mechanical engineering given the fact that this lamp has no triangle reflector. The lamp is very compactly built and yet equipped with 5 or 6 functions, the low height makes this lamp a very versatile lamp that can be used for many purposes.

Check out the VC-2300 series.

Tralert VC-2300 series LED rear light banner

7. 284 series

For your truck or commercial vehicle, choose this distinctive LED taillight from the brand LED Autolamps. The light is equipped with a neon tail light function and with a dynamic flashing light. The distinctive looks of this taillight is an absolute addition to your vehicle.

The lamp is constructed of strong and durable materials such as the polycarbonate housing and lens. The internal electronics are sealed and sealed from weathering. A lamp that is made ready for many conditions.


  • Distinctive look
  • LED rear light with dynamic indicator
  • Full ECE-approved
  • 3-year warranty

Watch the 284 series.

6. Kingpoint with dynamic flashing light suitable for trailer

The kingpoint rear light for your trailer is equipped as standard with a nice neon look rear light, equipped with a dynamic flashing light and built-in canbus solution for the indicators. In addition, this lamp can be expanded with an LED penlight, LED licence plate lighting, reverse light signal and extra super seal connections for the marker lights, among other things.

The connection can be ordered with a 2 meter long cable or 7 PIN's AMP connector. If you want to connect this lamp to the Aspöck ASS2 system, order the adapter cable along and connect this trailer lamp easily.

This LED taillight is compatible with the newer Schmitz trailers and can be swapped one-to-one.


  • Built-in canbus-solution for the indicators
  • Components can be replaced separately (hood & LED modules)
  • Equipped with Neon tail light & dynamic flashing light

Check out the Kingpoint series.

LED rear light with dynamic indicator

5. VC-320 series

Universal LED taillight equipped with a dynamic flashing light, compact design and smoked lens.


  • Smoked lens for a beautiful look
  • With a dynamic flashing light
  • Also available with a 5-PIN's bayonet connector
  • Nice compact design

The VC-320 LED rear light is a very nicely designed rear light from the brand Fristom. In addition, the lamp is built from the best materials and can therefore take a beating. This lamp is designed for use on trailers, car ambulances and other vehicles where the installation space is minimal. This compact LED trailer light is a sleekly designed model, equipped with a dynamic flashing light, tail light function and brake light. All this is covered with a smoked lens that gives the lamp a nice dark look, making you stand out from others. The lamp has all the necessary E-markings to be legally carried on the road. Besides this wired version, this taillight is also available with a 5 PIN's connector. The latter is also available with a SuperSeal connector, which makes it easy to connect a fog or reversing light.

Check out the VC-320 series.

4. VC-213 series

This round LED taillight is a very modern lamp in the hamburger lamp shape. Also very good to combine by mounting them side by side. This increases visibility and gives a very modern look.


  • Unique LED hamburger lights rear light
  • Equipped with a dynamic flashing light
  • Fog & reverse light available in the same look
  • Optionally also available with a 5-Pin's bayonet, ask us about the possibilities.

Check out the VC-213 series.

LED rear light with dynamic indicator

3. 385 series

The 385 series from LED Autolamps is a beautifully finished LED taillight. The black chrome lamp is equipped with a dynamic turn signal and a beautifully designed neon tail light. Furthermore, the lamp is available with a reversing light in addition to the basic version (rear/brake/blink). This model of rear light is not equipped with a reflector. This makes the lamp very versatile such as in the truck & trailer industry but also for the trailer industry this is a good LED taillight to distinguish yourself from competitors.


  • Unique design
  • Perfectly finished
  • LED rear light with dynamic indicator
  • 5-year warranty
  • Fully ECE certified

Check out the 385 series.

2. 355 series

This unique LED taillight from LED Autolamps stands out from any other type. The distinctive look with the sloping body in combination with the neon taillight makes this LED taillight an absolute addition to your vehicle. Because the lamp has no triangular reflector the application is very broad, so the lamp can be mounted on your trailer but also on a pick-up or truck. The dynamic flashing light makes the lamp complete. This lamp is available in a dark black version or a bright chrome version.


  • Unique design
  • 5-year warranty
  • Fully ECE certified
  • Equipped with a Neon rear light
  • Equipped with a dynamic flashing light

Check out the 595 series.

1. 595 series

The 595 series of LED Autolamps features an impact-resistant PMMA lens and strong ABS housing. The 100% sealed electronics are carefully produced with the best components. These facts combined make it possible for us to give no less than a 5 year warranty on this compact LED Taillight. The application is very broad, due to the compact housing and the non-triangular reflector makes it possible to place this light on both towing and trailer vehicles. In short, whether it is your truck, tractor, trailer or trailer, this light is an absolute match on your vehicle.

The light is nicely shaped with a unique neon tail light and this is combined with the dynamic flashing light. All in all a very nicely shaped LED taillight with a black-chrome look.


  • Beautifully designed neon taillight
  • LED rear light with dynamic indicator
  • 5-year warranty
  • Black/chrome housing

This lamp is available in a left & right version and also in a handy twin pack.

View the 595 series.

Wide range of LED taillights with dynamic flashing light

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