The Kingpoint trailer lamp is undoubtedly an essential addition to your trailer. This fully LED-based lamp is available in various versions. In addition to the eye-catching neon rear light and the dynamic indicator light, this lamp also offers a built-in standard CANbus solution for the turn signals. Furthermore, the lamp is equipped with Superseal connectors for marker lights and license plate lighting.

Additional functions of the Kingpoint Trailer Lamp

The Kingpoint lamp can be customized to your preferences, with additional features such as:

  • LED Side marker lights
  • LED license plate lighting
  • 7 PIN's AMP connector or 2m. cable
  • Reverse alarm
  • Additional connections for marking lights and license plate lights

In case of damage, the caps and LED modules are available separately from us. In short, thanks to its attractive design and versatility, the Kingpoint trailer lamp is an excellent addition to your trailer. For a complete overview of the series, you can visit our dealer portal.

View the product video of the Kingpoint lamp through the links below. This lamp embodies functionality and style, adding value to your trailer.


The Kingpoint trailer lamp is an indispensable addition to your trailer because, with its striking LED technology, dynamic turn signal, and built-in CAN-bus solution, it offers functionality and style in one. Whether you need LED side marker lights, license plate lighting, additional connections, or even a reverse alarm, the lamp adapts to your needs. With durable caps and LED modules available separately, this lamp ensures long-lasting performance. For a comprehensive overview of the series, visit our dealer portal and explore the possibilities yourself. Don't wait any longer and enhance your trailer with the versatile Kingpoint trailer lamp, which provides a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.